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10 Tips and Techniques to Prevent Flu and Cold

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Make yourself sweat more

First thing in the morning, a really good thing you can do for yourself is to sweat. Sweating makes your system release serotonin, which acts like a pump for a positive state and a good start of the day.

You can make your body sweat more either by working at the gym, going for a run, or by taking a sauna. You can also simply do some exercises in the intimacy of your home.

Be aware of any symptoms

This tip is for any of you who struggle with a chronic disease. Taking into account any symptom is really important because in comparison with a healthy person, a flu or a cold can seriously damage your health even more.

As you have a chronic disease, you’ll be much more affected by such germs than others. Therefore, if you sneeze, have a sore throat, your muscles ache, you have head aches, or maybe you notice a slight fever, take action!

Take appropriate measures in order to minimize the effects as soon as possible. As mentioned previously, such matters are to be discussed in more details with your doctor, who will give you the best advice on how to deal with such situations.

Take care of your health

One might think that taking care of health means expensive treatments and foods. Well, it isn’t like this. If you better organize some of your activities, you are bound to be on the right track.

This means that you need to sleep better, eat better, avoid stress and do exercises. So it is all for the better!

You can also help your system a little with some natural supplements, like vitamin C and D intake, which will surely help you fight against flu and cold.

What you need to understand is that a healthy body will never give free access to any germs. Moreover, if you do catch some flu or cold, your whole system will be able to better recover, as it is healthy enough to do so.

Avoiding flus and colds doesn’t have to be such a burden. There are some really easy and simple steps that everyone can implement, which will surely help you in this respect.

Always take great care of your general state and you will, most likely, get better chances to not let any germs affect your health state.


Consider always preventing, which is better than treating. Take flu shots if your doctor recommends it to you; avoid excessive alcohol drinking; eat honey; prioritize your hygiene.

Finally, remember to always care for your health, by giving your body good foods, enough rest, and appropriate supplements to strengthen your immune system.  

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10 Tips and Techniques to Prevent Flu and Cold
Each year there’re those months when flu and cold germs give a huge party where everybody is invited without a previous notice. It’s that time of the year when any weak immune system can immediately catch a cold.
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