Privacy & Cookies Policy

At TipsHire, we have no secrets. That is why we want you to know what happens when you visit our website, what information we collect, and how we use it. We do collect information about you when you visit our website, with the purpose of learning from your actions and improve our services and your experience with them.

What Type of Information Do We Collect?

Our website allows you to read and post reviews of products and services available both online and in retail stores. It also lets you interact with the materials we publish, and subscribe to our newsletter. In order to make these actions possible, we may need to collect your personal information, including but not limited to: name, email, phone number. We may ask you to provide other optional pieces of information for research purposes, or to support your posts on our website.

We will also collect information about the devices from which you access our website (device ID, browser, IP, location, etc.), the number and duration of your visits, and your activity on the TipsHire website (the website you visited before ours, TipsHire pages visited, time spent on page, interactions with the available content, etc.). In order to collect this information, we use technology, mostly website analytics and cookies.

At some point, our website may offer services that require setting up an account, by providing your email address and choosing a password, or signing in with a social media (Facebook) account. By logging in to our website with your social media account, you give us access to some of your Facebook profile information, like your name, profile photo, contacts, and any other information Facebook may inform you of when requesting your authorization for the single-sign-on process.

How We Use the Information We Collect

We mostly use your personal information to process your requests and/or orders. We may contact you occasionally to notify you of any changes in our policies, contests we organize, or issues related to your TipsHire session.

We use the information we collect automatically to analyze visitors’ usage of and behavior on our website, often including it in user statistics and reports. We may share those reports and statistics with third parties, but they will not contain your personal data. Our main goal is to improve the services we provide and personalize them to meet the demands and expectations of our website users.

Advertising and Personalization

The information we collect from you will allow us to personalize the content on our website, the services we offer, and the adverts we display according to your interests. Thus, if you search for a particular product or service on a partner website, we may display ads referring to it. Also, you may see ads for products or services you visualize on our website when you visit our partner websites.

We use the information we collect oabout you and cmbine it or link it with the information you provide and the preferences you display on other websites in order to display content that matches your interests.

Since we work with various service providers to make our services available online and advertise them in various environments, we may have to share some of your information with our service providers. Of course, the data will not include any sensitive, personal information.

When you interact with ads, keep in mind that the advertiser may assume that you meet their criteria for displaying the respective ads. Targeted advertising relies on the use of cookies and similar technologies. Keep reading to find out more about these and about how you can avoid them.


If you give us your consent, we may use your information to advertise and market products and services in our and our partners’ offers that we think match your interests. We may do so by telephone, SMS, MMS, email, social media, or online apps.

If you change your mind about receiving direct marketing communications from us and/or our partners, let us know by using the contact form on our website or by following the instructions in the respective communication. We will stop sending you marketing communications, but you will continue to receive service messages.

What Information Do We Disclose to Third Parties?

As mentioned above, we may occasionally display some of your information with our partners, in order to improve the services we provide. We may also forward your information to third parties in order to fulfill your requests, provide the services and/or products you order, offer you a prize when/if you win a contest, and obtain professional advice regarding the products/services we market.

We may provide reports including user preferences and use of our website to business partners and advertisers, in order to improve our advertising strategy and our business partnerships’ efficacy. We may also offer statistical information to reputable third parties for further exploitation or sale.

However, please keep in mind that all the information we exchange with third parties is subject to contractual obligations meant to ensure our website visitors’ privacy and protect the confidentiality of their information.

Another instance when we may share your information with another company is in case of business acquisition or merger (of which you will receive adequate notification).

Finally, we reserve the right to share your information with the authorities, upon request, in compliance with the laws and regulations in force. We may use your information to protect our integrity, operating systems, and user information.

How We Protect Your Information

We treat the data we receive from you with respect, complying with the Data Protection Act of 1998 and all regulations in force. We store it on our secure server, and we follow strict procedures to ensure its safety and confidentiality. We disclose it following clear protocols, and we do our best to prevent unauthorized access to it. However, you should be aware that transmissions of your data over the internet are at your own risk.

Also, clicking on links and ads displayed on our website may redirect you to other websites. TipsHire has no knowledge of those website’s data privacy policies and does not assume any responsibility regarding them. It is your responsibility to check their privacy policy before sharing personal information with them.

Privacy & Cookies Policy Changes

We reserve the right to review and change the TipsHire Privacy & Cookies policy whenever we consider it necessary. All updates will be visible on this page, so feel free to check it regularly in order to stay informed on what data we collect, what we do with it, and under what terms we disclose it.

How to contact us

You can send your questions regarding our Privacy & Cookies Policy online, using the contact form on our website. One of our staff members will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Cookies and Other Technologies Used

The TipsHire website and its partner websites use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. We may use them in any applications we develop and communications we send to you. These technologies help us understand how and why you use our services.

This allows us to improve your user experience by offering you personalized content and features, optimize our marketing and advertising efforts, and enable third-party advertisers to display ads specific to your interests throughout your internet journey. Keep reading to find out how to manage or reject cookies and other similar technologies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files we and our partner websites place on the browser you use to access our websites or open the email messages you receive from us. They allow us to keep track of your visits to our websites.

There are two types of cookies: temporary or session cookies, and persistent cookies. The ones in the former category disappear when you close the browser. The ones in the latter category stay on your device until they expire or you delete them.

There are also essential cookies, the type that help you navigate our website, without which you couldn’t access certain areas of our website or buy our products and services, and optional cookies, that we only use with your consent. You can find more information about cookies on and

How We Use Cookies

Depending on the purpose they serve, the cookies we use can be classified into several categories:

  1. Site performance cookies – They help us memorize your choices and preferences, and personalize our website features and content accordingly. They can refer to text size, fonts, or other webpage particularities subject to customization. They also enable us to provide you services like video content streaming or blog commenting. The information we collect with these cookies is usually anonymous, and only refers to your activity on our website.
  2. Analytics cookies – These cookies help us track your use of our website and services with the purpose of enhancing their performance and adjusting them to visitor preferences and expectations. We may use them to test new website design elements, recognize repeat visitors, anticipate trends in interactions with our website, identify errors, and assess the effectiveness of various marketing campaigns. This type of information usually becomes part of statistics and metrics, and remains anonymous.
  3. Advertising cookies – They help us customize the ads we display according to your interests and preferences. For example, if you’ve been browsing furniture stores recently, you can expect to see related ads on our website, perhaps from the very online stores you have visited. If you use different devices to access our website, the cookies help us identify the device you’re using and customize the content to match your screen width and scrolling needs.
  4. Third-party cookies – Some of our advertisers, ad service providers, and ad network providers place their own cookies on our website, with our permission, in order to be able to serve you ads according to your interests, both while you browse our website and while you browse other websites. TipsHire does not share any information that could lead to your identification with these parties. They will most likely assume that the users interacting with their personalized ads or content belong to their target groups. All parties generating and using such cookies have their own policies for which we assume no responsibility.
  5. Social media cookies – We may also use cookies to collect information regarding your use of social media buttons on our websites. They let us know when you like or share our content, products, or services. We may use the information thus collected for target advertising. Any third-party cookies and the information they collect are the responsibility of the companies using them and subject to independent privacy policies.

Web Beacons and How We Use Them

We and certain third parties place beacons on our website (along with cookies) to process information regarding your usage of our website and your interactions with our content and communications. Our main goal is to measure our performance and provide ads and content relevant to your interests.

We embed web beacons (also known as web bugs, clear GIF and pixel tags) in our online content, emails, and videos, in order to allow a dedicated server to collect specific information from your device. This way, we count views of ours beacons and recognize devices by their IP address.

The information our web beacons collect usually refers to your ad reactions, page views, and purchases. The web beacons in our emails and other communications help us find out if you have opened our messages, which ones, and how well our communication tools work.

Finally, we also use web beacons to identify third-party cookies and find out which ads or links bring more visitors to our website. This way, we can assess and improve the efficacy of our business relationships.

Managing or Refusing Cookies and Other Similar Technologies

As explained above, we use cookies and collect information regarding our website visitors, their activity and their preferences, with the only purpose of improving our services and advertising practices, to provide visitors with the best online experience. However, if you do not agree with this practice, you can set your browser not to allow cookies and delete any existing cookies.

Just keep in mind that, as previously mentioned, some cookies are essential to a website’s functioning, and blocking them may negatively affect your experience on the respective website. Others save you time and headaches, by memorizing your contact details and letting you access accounts and place orders without introducing your login information or contact details every time.

Privacy settings and the methods of adjusting them differ from one browser to another. To find out how to block or limit use of cookies on your browser of choice, click the corresponding link in the list below:

To find out more about third-party cookies for interest-based advertising and the ways to block them, we recommend Please be aware that blocking third-party cookies will not eliminate all adverts, but only display them randomly, without taking into account your interests or preferences. At TipsHire, we use only few of the networks the referred article discusses.

As far as web beacons are concerned, they are mandatory content in a web page’s recipe, so you cannot avoid or block them. Your only option is to disable them in your email messages, to set your email not to download images, or request your permission before downloading them.