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Is Pura Bella for Real or Not?

Aura S
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Aging is not our favorite part of our lives. Most people and mostly women will do anything to preserve their beauty and youth as much as possible.

This is the reason why the cosmetic industry flourished so much in time. Since de oldest times, women and sometimes men found all kinds of tricks to improve their looks and sometimes they even succeed. Women use the ancient tricks to make their skin look better, smoother and with no wrinkles.

This article is not about ancient products. This is about a new and innovating product according with the manufacturer’ claims. You might have heard and even seen the product called Pura Bella all over the internet.

In the following rows you are about to discover if this product is exactly what its makers say it is or if it is just another scam. If you are interested in this topic then you should continue your reading.

About Pura Bella

According with what I have seen on the websites that sell this product, Pura Bella is another anti aging product. They say that their innovating formula will improve your skin’ quality thanks to the high retinol content of the cream. Your skin will become firmer, younger and smoother if you use this product with regularity.

The only rule imposed by the manufacturer of this product is to use it every day. You will no longer be bothered by the fine lines on your forehead or around your eyes. You will no longer consider any type of surgery and you will only gain beauty and youth due to this facial treatment.

What you should know about it?

Everything that I have written above might not come as a surprise for you. You might have read and seen many similar commercials that promise you the same things.

This is the reason why, I started to make some researches regarding this specific product so I could see if Pura Bella could deliver what its manufacturer claims that it will. You might be already tired to spend your money on all kinds of products that shows no results or just some small improvements.

If you make your personal researches on websites that sells the product through affiliation programs you will certainly find only great reviews but I can assure you that most of those reviews if not all of them are fake and their only purpose is to sell.

Some sellers realized that people believe that expensive is equal to high quality. This is not like that at all. In many situations, expensive means nothing.

You will also find on these websites suggestions that the products were tested and proven. The manufacturer will never say or show real proves of these affirmations. They base their entire marketing strategy on the superficiality of the buyer and on the fact that people might be too disparate.

One of the first lies found was related to the place where this product is manufactured. As I could found out is that the real place where this product is made is in South America. This means that it cannot be tested by the USA authorities. In the product presentation none of these things are mentioned.

Another question is related to the product ingredients. They say it is great but you will only find vague details about its ingredients and no detail about the quantity of these ingredients used to create Pura Bella. In the end you might end up with just another moisturizer and nothing else.

Another marketing trick is based on the fact that you will not see real effects. If you visit the website were this product is marketed you will see before and after pictures that you could obviously see that are fake.

They will also say that you need to follow the treatment for a while so you could see the effects. Well, during that period of time while you will be waiting for miracles you will lose the chance to return the product and get a refund.

I am not saying that the ingredients of this beauty cream will harm you. Some of them are used in most all the cosmetic products already released on the market. The problem is that it cannot offer what it is promising you that it will. As I said before you will be the beneficiary of a good moisturizer and nothing else.

The safety studies are not mentioned at all, which might lead us to believe that they do not exist.

I still wonder, why people are still tempted to buy expensive creams and all kinds of other products from such uncertain sources, when they can have other alternatives available. The multitude of marketing scams from the online world should make them more careful but sometimes nothing works.

All these strategies are built on people’s despair and fear. Most people try to avoid surgeries and so they will search for any possible alternative no matter how expensive they might be. Considering that you are talking about your face, you should be really careful when you make your choices. You might have unpleasant surprises.


My personal advice is to make serious researches when you are about to buy a new product. You need to gather all the info needed regarding the manufacturer, the ingredients, how the product was tested, if the efficiency of the ingredients was proven or not and other things similar with these.

I cannot advise you to never buy this product but if you do….you should not raise your expectations too high.

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