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Qmee – Features, Pricing, Rating

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We live in the Internet era but that’s no news. The will to earn more and take advantage of the online money-making opportunities is nothing new under the sun either. Yet, the way you can do that can be new or different than what you knew till now.

Developers come up with all sorts of methods that help people earn more from the comfort of their home and, often, by completing simple tasks. You will find so many online businesses or software programs that will fill your pockets with extra bucks and easy work. Qmee is that sort of money-making software. What does it involve and how it works are the things we focus on today.

Qmee – What Do You Need To Know

Qmee is a free software extension that works alongside major search websites and that claims to help you earn more by clicking on sponsored links. The extension works with both Mac and PC and displays relevant search results when you use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or even websites like Amazon.com. The only thing you need to do is to click on the sponsored links to get some extra bucks.

The philosophy behind Qmee is that advertising should bring something to consumers, to give them something back. Focused on making profit share fair, Qmee is committed to helping you earn money from your internet browsing. You just need to start a search session like you would normally do and simply click on the relevant links your search results display. The idea is that everyone involved in it will earn in a way or another. You get paid for clicks while your click on a particular link will help the business behind it learn more about their users and the way their ads work.

The mechanism behind Qmee.com is simple. They use a browser extension which will work in the background in order to keep tabs on what you search online. The software will then match your searches with a list of sponsored links. You will see these links then in a small window on the left-hand side of your screen. The amount of money you can earn by clicking on those ads will also be displayed.

The links you click on will get you various amounts of money that you can see in your Piggybank account. You can access this account by clicking the green button displayed at the top of the page and thus see the earnings you accumulated, transfer them to your PayPal account or donate them whenever you want.

Qmee – Prices

You can use Qmee for free and creating an account involves simple steps. You just need to enter your email address, create a password and select your country. It’s even easier than this if you have a Facebook or Twitter account. You can sign up in one click through such accounts. You will then receive an email that will verify your identity and a link to download the web browser extension. After that, you will see links each time you browse and you choose what to click. You can cash out your earnings at any time. The only downside at the moment is that you must be in the USA or UK to cash out your earnings. The company says that other countries will be included soon, though.

Plus, according to the information available on their website, Qmee will share information about you only with your permission. That’s why it is best to pay attention to the information you want to share when creating your account. However, it is likely that you earn more money per link if you choose to share more detailed information. This way, a company will know that it is targeting the right audience.

The information Qmee can access includes data on all websites, your browsing activity and history, tabs, and bookmarks. If you have no problem in sharing such information, then Qmee might be a good option to earn more money. According to the website, the extension will list its tracking code which will help you check for the things that seem suspicious.

Qmee – What Do Users Say

Most reviews we’ve found online portray the extension is a positive light. Skepticism in using Qmee is not absent, though, considering the information the company collects. Users have appreciated the website extension for being user-friendly and providing relevant search links.

Still, the software is not free of negative reviews, most of such feedback mentioning the poor frequency of ads. Some users say that sponsored links are not displayed for all the search terms you enter and that entire weeks can go by without ads being displayed. Then some users noticed that the more you click the less you earn.

Now, don’t expect to make a fortune using Qmee. According to people who’ve tried it, the value you can get for every Qmee search link is somewhere between $0.05 to $0.20. You can also click on links that will get you as much as $1 per click. You should keep in mind that you will see only results for relevant search terms their database includes. This means that not all searches will come with links to click on.

There are some tips to help you get more Qmee links. Most links and higher amounts are displayed for searches related to products. Informational searches seem to bring fewer links. Therefore, it is recommended to search for “flare jeans” than for “how to wear flare jeans”. If you shop online a lot, Qmee might be a good way to earn more. If you rarely search for products and you’re mainly interested in informational content, you might find Qmee not that helpful. Try to learn more about anything you want to use or buy before creating an account or placing an order.

Read reviews, identify the ups and downs of that product or service and take the next step only after that.

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