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QTemp – Portable Weather Station

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qtemp portable weather station

Have you ever thought about how many ultra violet rays are you exposed when you go to the beach? These ultraviolet rays do not harm you well every time, so you need to protect yourself as much as possible.

Comfable Inc. has created one of the most exciting and most useful gadget on the market. These are Qtemp and Qtemp-I gadgets. Following their research on weather information, they had the initiative to help others protect themselves and have a healthier life. To get here, they had to test many prototypes and projects, and they were getting a lot of help throughout their studies.

What is QTemp?

This small gadget measures the ultra violet rays around you and warns you if you are exposed to dangers or not. At the same time, this gadget shows you  the outside temperature. QTemp helps you to live your life healthier and safer, every time the ultra violet rays are too strong, this gadget announces and recommends you to use sun protection, after some time it will re-invite you to use Sun again protection. At the same time, it will let you know how long you can stay outside before ultraviolet rays will affect you, causing skin damage.

This gadget is tiny, but it has an important use and is durable. Besides these, this gadget comes with an App called Free Companion. The best thing about this gadget is that you do not need an internet connection to use it. The gadget is calibrated to indicate accurate measurements of the weather and ultraviolet radiation. It takes only 1 second to determine the weather conditions around you, at the same time it is also water and dust resistant. The dimensions of a QTemp gadget are extremely small, about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide and weighs less than 25 grams. Both gadgets can be used Offline and Wireless.

As I said, this app does not need an internet connection to connect to the gadget, but it will do it via Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC), depending on the gadget you choose. The information you receive in this app is based on weather data and will always help you protect yourself from solar radiation if you are at risk. Besides, in order to be safer, the app uses “Fitzpatrick skin type” to detect your skin type to reduce the risk of illness.

Comfable Inc. created two gadgets, QTemp and QTemp-I. These two gadgets are similar and work the same way, but there are three big differences between the two.

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