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QTemp – Portable Weather Station

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qtemp portable weather station

QTemp specifications:

  • This gadget uses Near Field Communication technology (NFC), meaning it’s only compatible with Android, iOS does not support NFC
  • QTemp is battery free
  • It’s a passive gadget, meaning it gives you the data you need only when you use the app
  • The material used to create this gadget is PVC

QTemp-I specifications:

  • This gadget uses Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity (BLE), this makes it compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone
  • QTemp-I requires a battery
  • This has a bonus, more exactly, it constantly gives you the details of the weather you need, the information being stored on-board even if your smarthphone is not connected to the gadget
  • The material used to create this gadget is aluminum

The app is extremely useful because it teaches us that ultraviolet rays are also present when it’s cold outside, not just when it’s hot. It would be necessary for every person to have such a gadget in order to be protected and notified whenever these UV rays are very strong. People associate heat from the sun with relaxation, but this heat is not always healthy. Today, the smarthphones provide you with a lot of weather information, but QTemp indicates exactly the ultra violet rays around you, so this gadget is so important.

The app helps you find exactly the time interval  when  you will be safe  if it will be too  hot outside. You can share the location and weather, and it will show you the exact temperatures in the area you are in.

Also, it has an extremely exciting feature, more exactly, the camera of this application. When you make a picture you can select an overlay of your choice, location and weather from that place. These photos can be shared so that your friends can enjoy them too.

Sunburns are very dangerous, especially for babies, children and adolescents, these burns may worsen with the passage of time, which can cause skin aging, cataracts and other eye diseases and skin cancers. In the United States, there are over 3,500,000 people diagnosed with skin cancer each year, all due to the fact that they do not defend themselves from these ultra violet rays.

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