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QTemp – Portable Weather Station

Alex C
Senior Editor, TipsHire
qtemp portable weather station

QTemp prices

QTemp costs only $ 25 USD.

QTemp-i cost only $ 29 USD.

Comfable Inc. also offers some packages, namely:

  • A QTemp gadget and a QTemp-i gadget for just $ 44 USD
  • Two QTemp gadgets for just $ 47 USD
  • Two QTemp-i gadgets for just $ 55 USD
  • Five QTemp-i => Pay for 4 gadgets of this type, share this campaign and get your fifth FREE gadget. Everything costs only $ 119 USD
  • The Business Kit costs about $ 288 USD, in this package there are 10 gadgets with the name or logo chosen  by you + 10 QTemp Mounts

I did some research on the internet, those who bought this gadget are happy with it in the proportion of 80%. They say it works as it should, but it does not provide enough information. However, this gadget is only used to alert you when the sun’s rays are very strong, so you can protect yourself.

QTemp works only on Android 5.0+, any older version of Android will not be compatible with this device.

Staff at Comfable Inc. deals with each client, demonstrating how serious they are. As far as I noticed, they’ve managed to solve all of the buyer’s concerns about this gadget.


In conclusion, this gadget is extremely useful, with it we can always be protected from the sun’s rays. The risk we face every day because of solar radiation is high, the risk of skin cancer is present in areas where the sun is very hot, this gadget will help us make our life healthier.

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