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Quality of Life in Spain

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Receiving more than 60 million visitors in 2014, Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The reasons why the country attracts so many tourists are various ranging from the rich cultural life to its climate and culinary traditions. If you decide to try the place not just for a short-term vacation but for longer and move there, here are some the things you might want to consider in order to be sure you make the right choice. Today we focus on the quality of life in Spain, ups, and downs you need to know.

You will most probably find pros and cons to move to another country no matter what that particular country is. Spain is no exception to that. According to Expat Explorer Survey published by HSBC and ranking 39 countries, Spain came 13th excelling at some things and failing at others. Let’s see the main reasons you should or should not move to Spain.

Cultural life in Spain

One of the most important attractions that trigger so many tourists every year is the rich cultural life one can find and experience in Spain. Most of the expats answering to the mentioned survey say they love to immerse themselves in the Spanish culture rather than live in the expat bubble. Thanks to its cultural infrastructure, you will have access to many galleries, museums, libraries, and concert halls.

Spanish cuisine and healthcare system

If you pay a great deal of attention to what you eat and you’re looking for a healthcare system that will provide you with quality services, then Spain is again a great option. The country is renowned for its healthy culinary habits that combine fish, fresh vegetables and the well-known olive oil. All that and its first-rate healthcare system offering wide coverage have turned the country and its inhabitants into one of the places with the highest life expediencies in the world.

Social life

Spaniards are known for being friendly and that makes Spain a country where an expat can feel comfortable in making new friends. Plus, the country ranked 1st in the above-mentioned survey regarding the social life. According to the answers received,  Spain is one of the best places in the world for expat social life.


If you are very much into outdoor activities that require a nice climate, learn that Spain has one of the most pleasant year-round climates in Europe. Moreover, you get to enjoy 8,000 kilometers of coastline. That’s probably fair enough to satisfy your outdoor fun-related needs.


This area is one where Spain scores big. The Madrid Metro, for instance, is of the most modern networks in the world. The cities feature a modern system of interlinked transport modes which makes it easy to get from one place to another.

Now, there also are some life aspects that might make you think twice before moving to Spain. Even though most life quality factors would make one choose this country to live, there are certain things to keep in mind before coming to a decision.

Job security and wage growth

Most of us consider moving to another country primarily for greater wages. Even if Spain had its tough time during the financial crisis, it seems the wage and financial sector is steadily improving according to the Expat Explorer Survey. Still, unemployment in Spain is actually high ranking as the second highest in the EU. Thanks to the country’s openness regarding new business and startups, it seems Spain is a good place for expats to run their own business but as job security is concerned, the country is not the best of options.

Final thoughts

Ranking as the best place for expats in Europe to live, Spain has a lot to offer. If you’re looking for a warm climate, a diverse and rich cultural life, healthy culinary traditions, and friendly people, Spain is a great option. You will get to spice up your cultural life thanks to its rich activity in this field, enjoy the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, and get a friendly climate all year round. The summers do get warm but the other seasons compensate.

The only drawback is related to the country’s high unemployment levels and job insecurity. If you do have a business idea you want to put into practice, you might succeed in doing so when in Spain. The country comes with its ups and downs like any other place. It’s up to you to decide if its disadvantages are acceptable.

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