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Quizlet Learning App – What You Need To Know

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Description: Quizlet is an online platform that claims to help people interested in learning new things extend their knowledge from the very comfort of their home by using various sets of terms and descriptions.

If you spend a great deal of attention, time and energy to learn and extend your knowledge, you’re living in an era where doing that is way easier than it used to be some time ago. Nowadays, going to the library takes just a few clicks. It’s enough to own a good computer and Internet connection in order to enter the realm of information.

he great variety of learning apps and platforms might make it a bit difficult, though, as choosing the right app for your needs will require testing and time. Many of us will opt for the popular apps. If a lot of people like one app, there must be something good about it. That’s the general approach. Quizlet.com has become quite known among knowledge lovers. What does the platform offer and what do users say about it? Stay tuned to find out more in today’s post.

What Is Quizlet.com?

Quizlet.com is an online platform that offers its users the possibility to study new things from a great variety of fields no matter where they are. You can use their website or app to learn whatever you want and whenever you have the time to do so. The learning platform was founded by Andrew Sutherland, in 2005 and the company is now based out of San Francisco, CA, enjoying more than 13 million users.

Claiming to be the 93rd most visited website in the U.S., Quizlet.com offers more than 40 million sets of terms and descriptions from various categories. One of the cool things about Quizlet.com is that it is dedicated to both students and teachers. It is primarily focused on ease of use and memorization and includes various tools such as user-generated, flashcard-based study materials, games, and tests. You can use the website when at home and the iDevice, Android, and Kindle Fire apps when on the go.

There are 6 main categories including the following:

  • Languages & Vocab where you can learn languages such as English, French, German, Chinese, and many others.
  • History & Geography that will help you learn more about Capitals, Government, Religion, and other related topics.
  • Professional & Careers, a category that will help you get one step closer to proficiency in your field. By choosing this category, you can study Law, Medicine, Computers, and other fields.
  • Standardized Tests such as SAT, LSAT, and SMAT.
  • Arts & Literature – where you can feed your interest in Music, Poetry, Theater, and more.
  • Math & Science – if you are more into numbers and understanding life on Earth, you will get to quench your curiosity with Algebra, Geometry, Biology, and other such fields.

There are various ways to study including the Cards mode, the Learn/fill-in-the-blank mode, and the Test mode (to verify your knowledge level).

How To Use Quizlet.com?

Using the learning platform is quite simple. You need to sign up with your Google or Facebook information. Also, you can sign up by simply entering your birthday, username, email address, and password. Once you’ve completed the signup process, you need to search for a flashcard set that meets your learning needs. When you find such a card, you will have to click on it in order to get to the set’s main page where you can access more flashcards, test your level of knowledge or play games that will help you improve your skills. You will be able to see how much you progressed thanks to the platform’s progress tracking feature. You can even create your own sets and share them with other learners.

Quizlet.com Pricing

Just like other learning platforms, Quizlet.com offers a basic student option which is free and includes access to many of the learning tools on the website. You can also go for the Quizlet Plus student account if you are willing to pay $15 per year. What you get in return is access to extra features not covered by the basic option including voice recording, ad-free studying and image uploading. If you are a teacher interested in using the learning tools at Quizlet.com for your class, you will have to pay $25 per year in order to enjoy additional tools.

If you want to try the website first before paying for the extra features, you can go for the five free sample study sets on the Quizlet.com home page.

What Do Users Say About Quizlet.com?

Although the platform is not new, it is not rated with the Better Business Bureau. Most reviews we’ve found are positive and describe the platform as easy to use and very helpful. Since signing up for a free account requires only little information about you, there’s no risk in trying it. In case you want to pay in order to enjoy the extra options, you might want to consider that users who tried the plus version didn’t find the extra features more helpful than what the basic option includes.

The only drawback we’ve read about is that the platform is mainly based on memorizing terms. Therefore, if you’re interested in different ways of learning something new, you might want to try other apps as well. Still, Quizlet.com offers 6 modes to study in order to avoid monotony. Then, at least one review we’ve found said that some of these flashcards contained mature and inappropriate content.

Plus, unlike other such apps, Quizlet.com doesn’t offer structured course content. What you get is content created by other users who’ve shared their work or by a class you’ve joined. You can also create your own content.

Bottom Line

All in all, Quizlet.com seems to be a good way to extend your vocabulary when learning a new language and enrich your knowledge in fields such as arts, math, science, literature and more, from the very comfort of your home and even when on the go. You can enjoy the basic features which, according to most users, are quite helpful and enough for you to get new information without paying anything. The information you need to share is basic and shouldn’t involve any risks when being shared.

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