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Rami Malek – the Oscar’ Rhapsody

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When it comes about movies awards, one of the most important awards is the Oscar. Every actor, director, screenwriter etc, wishes to have the small gold statue on their living room shelves.

This is quite difficult to accomplish but not impossible. Some very talented actors and directors waited a few years to enjoy this moment. Some of them reached certain ages before they accomplished their dreams. However, there are young actors who never dared dreaming about this moment but they succeeded against all expectations.

Rami Malek totally fits this picture. He might never dreamed to reach this far so fast but he did and he must thank to the Divinity that he had the chance to prove his amazing talent and that he was not freaked out by the tremendous challenge of getting in Freddy Mercury’s shoes.

It was a long road filled with difficult moments but he succeeded. Before the movie was launched people were split in two. Some people believed that he will never be able to do it and that the movie will have a sad end and others couldn’t wait to see ”Freddy” again, as he was once upon a time and they placed all their trust in Rami Malek’s talent and dedication.

The struggle

Maybe you do not believe it but it was a struggle. I am not talking here about hours of work. I am talking about months of study. He studied a great personality. Did he found himself in this character? He has some things in common with Freddy.

Being an immigrant as he was helped him understand his character more. We should not forget that Freddy was also gay, thing that did not made his life easier especially in that era. Even so and no matter what obstacles he had to face in his life he succeeded and even there is a while since his death he never really died and I personally believe that until now he cannot be equalized by anyone.
Malek wanted so much to be true and to make his character real that he studied every gesture Freddy used to have. The way he spoke, laughed, sang and behave in the society made him more than credible for the audience. Even if the script of the movie did not received too many applauses, the way Malek played his role made the movie better and better.

People who watched it were amazed of the similarities between the two of them and some of them they did not even cared about the script. Maybe it did not followed the true story entirely for no matter what reasons and I am speaking now about the chronology of the facts, but none of these details mattered when Malek showed what he could accomplish with this character.
One of the most appreciated moments of the movie was when he sang “Killer Queen” and reconstructed Freddy’ performance with a German precision. No detail was missed, no move and no gesture differed from the genuine performance. It was just incredible.

As you can imagine the voice during the songs is Freddy’s, but Malek took private canto lessons as well and piano lessons. Even if you might believe that it is easy to make playback he can assure you that it is one of the most difficult things to do when you want to be credible for the audience.

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Rami Malek - the Oscar’ Rhapsody
When it comes about movies awards, one of the most important awards is the Oscar. Every actor, director, screenwriter etc, wishes to have the small gold statue on their living room shelves.
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