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Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss – Fact or Fiction?

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As researchers noticed, Raspberry Ketone looks similar to two other molecules, capsaicin found in chili pepper and synephrine, which is a stimulant. According to different studies, these molecules have the property of boosting metabolism, which make specialists think that raspberry ketone could have the same effect. When the researchers studied their effect on mice, they noticed incredible results. It increased lipolysis, which represents breakdown of fat, because it made cells more sensitive to the effect of hormone norepinephrine (the effect of fat burning).

Other important discovery that scientist made consists in increasing the fat cells production of hormone adiponectin. This hormone is extremely important in regulating metabolism and blood sugar levels. In thin people, this hormone is present in much higher amounts than in those who are overweight. The levels of this hormone increase when someone loses weight. Unfortunately, people with lower levels of adiponectin present a higher risk of obesity, fatty liver, heart disease and type two diabetes. Therefore, it is important to raise the levels of this hormone.

Since raspberry ketone were able to increase levels of adiponectin in mice, as studiess how, it holds great promise to work as an aid maintaining a proper body weight. So far scientific studies regarding their weight loss effects haven’t been conducted on humans, but the FDA approved supplements that contain them in 1965. Also, many people that used it reported a 7-10-pound weight loss during the first week, and weight loss continued in the following weeks steadily, though at a slower rate.

Although raspberry ketones have incredible weight loss effects, including an improved hunger control, burning fat, boosting energy, improving focus and supporting digestion in order to ensure a better elimination of fat and toxins, their effects haven’t been studied in humans. There are necessary studies conducted in humans to confirm their amazing benefits and see how exactly our body responds to the use of supplements containing raspberry ketones.

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Raspberry Ketone and Weight Loss – Fact or Fiction?
Raspberry Ketone seems to be the magical ingredient that make us lose weight easily, but does it really work? Is it possible for an ingredient found in a delicious berry to help people eliminate unwanted pounds? if this could be possible, it would definitely be extraordinarily good for the large number of people who are overweight and obese.
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