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Refreshing your body up with squeezed fresh fruits and fresh vegetables

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This kind of aliments are the most loved ones and they should be, because they can offer your body only what is best! Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and oligo-elements can be extracted from foods and drinks and if you are creative enough you can offer your body daily lots of vitamins and macro-nutrients which make sure that your body works the right way! The summer is one of the most awaited seasons! During hot summer days, most people think about vacation, relaxation and some amazing natural drinks which will cool your body down during an extra hot season! From the earliest hours of the day, the sun shines and brings hot weather!

The best way to stay away those hot summer days which are extremely exhausting, is to stay in the shade; but this option goes better when you opt for healthy summer drinks, based on natural ingredients, which not only cool you down easily, they also provide health to your body and they refresh your body up! The easiest way to have these drinks is by squeezing or by blending fresh vegetables along with fresh fruits. You can even opt for milkshakes or yogurt shakes, for a plus of Calcium! So, the summer time is the season when you find on the market fresh fruits extremely healthy and extremely delicious, like cherries, strawberries, berries, peaches, melon, pears, apricots, apples etc. All fresh fruits provide health to your body, but nothing compares to the ones found during the summer time. In fact, in this season you find it all. And they are the best natural source of vitamins you can have!

You can also mix them with vegetables and it will result a healthy drink! The cherries are the most loved summer fruits! They are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants; in fact, all fruits are a source of antioxidants and of vitamins. For example, the apricots come from China and Japan and they were appreciated from tpictorialhe ancient times. They were thought to sweet up the soul and to provide romance between couples. They are not only famous for their spiritual part, because they are one of the best sources of vitamin A and carotene; the apricots are low in calories and high in Potassium, Iron, Copper and oligo-elements.

By having a cure of apricots or by including apricots in your dietary program, you can treat affections like: anemia, constipation, insomnia or kidney diseases! Another great example of an important source of vitamins and oligo-elements are the Peaches; from the 15th century the French and Mediterranean orchards were full of Peaches-known in the Middle East as the symbol of longevity and immortality, they are important sources of vitamin A and of vitamin C, they treat anemia and remake the hemoglobin! The most important fruits (not only for their properties, but most of all as a symbol of the summer) during summertime are the cherries!

The contain 90 percent water, vitamin A, B2, Calcium, Magnesium, organic acids, Iron salt, Phosphorus, Chlorine, Sulfur and anti-cancer substances. The fibers found in their composition stimulate the digestion. And the list can go on and on, because the benefits found in fresh fruits and vegetables are plenty and they can be used internally (eaten alone, squeezed or blended, as compotes or as teas) or externally (as an alternative to cosmetic treatments- cherries, berries, apricots and peaches smooth the skin and prevent wrinkles from appearing; they maintain skin’s elasticity and they can be used as cosmetic masks).

Now returning to the healthy summer drinks which will cool you down easily and which can refresh your body, during a heated summer day, these kind of fresh fruits can be consumed as teas (you collect them and let them dry and what dried can be boiled or steamed and like this you can have an amazing natural tea), or in their natural form! And vegetables can do a lot for your body too. And they can be mixed with fresh fruits as well. In fact, the result is the same: your body gets only the best from the rest and it is hydrated during the most heated days and it is feed too during these heated days! This is extremely important, because your body loses an important quantity of elements so important to the good work of your body! This is why you must fill back your deposits with vitamins, with minerals, with oligo-elements and with nutrients so important for your body!

All these nutrients make sure that your body is well feed, that it receives what it needs, that your body is facing the most heated summer days. Ask any doctor you want, they will all recommend you the same thing: drink at least 2 liters of water per day! So, you can stay hydrated the right way! Passing a summer day is not easy! You need to eat right, drink right and if you have time rest right too. But no matter your plan, nothing compares with a refreshing summer drink!

So, hydration is important and we can get it from drinking lots of liquids! Alimentation is important too and we can rely on healthy foods like dairy, white meat only, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, salads dressed with olive oil and spices! All you need to be is creative and you can invent both: foods and drinks, very easy! From foods and from healthy drinks you can extract vitamins and antioxidants that your body so much it needs!

Fresh and colorful salads will make sure that your body is on the right track in regards to foods and it will give your body the nutrients that so much it needs to pass a heated day! The dosage of nutrients can be multiplied with drinks too. Maybe it sounds a little bit chaotic, but it is not! Summer drinks can multiply the dosage of vitamins and antioxidants that your body must receive, in order to face a day of summer with extra temperatures! All you need is water, sugar or honey, fresh fruits and vegetables, a squeezer or a blender and ideas to prepare the best summer drinks ever! You can start from point zero or better said, if you want to face summer you can rely on water only! In fact, our body is 90 percent water, so it needs more during summertime!

The water is our life’s fountain; it hydrates our body and it maintains us healthy! It is recommended 2 liters of water per day to complement our reserves and to help our immune system to work the right way! It even detoxifies our body! So, the water brings a major plus to our health! The idea of having more antioxidants and vitamins in our body can be developed based on all kind of juices that we can make during summertime, due to the multitude of combinations that can be done with all kind of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables! For example, you might think that cucumbers do not go with fresh melon; actually, they do! And they feed your body a lot! You can try a smoothie based on this kind of combinations: fruits and vegetables or fruits only or vegetables only!

Either way you will feel amazing! Your body will receive vitamins: the complex of vitamins B, vitamin C, D, Iron, Potassium and lots of antioxidants! If you want to make a list with the healthiest summer drinks, you will need some time, because the options are so many that you have no idea what to choose! Like early said, you can start with water (in fact, water is the basic ingredient for every summer drinks and for many cocktails) and you can go on with teas- the Green Tea is the best option you can get; it can even replace coffees in the morning; it gives you so much energy and it is so refreshing that you do not need anything else! And you can try any kind of teas that has no caffeine at all- due to the lack of caffeine your body will not lose its hydration!

Any tea you like is extraordinary for your body and they will feed your body up with Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Copper, Zinc and Magnesium and your body’s vital functions will be stimulated the right way. So, a heated summer day will no longer be a problem for you! You can opt for natural juices based of fresh fruits or on fresh vegetables! Cucumber and pineapple is an example of mixing vegetables with fruits and a great option to refresh your body easy; or ginger and oranges or bananas, grapes and melon and cucumber.

No matter your options the conclusion is the same: fresh fruits and fresh vegetables refresh your body the right way and makes you feel more than amazing! Just imagine the explosion of vitamins and minerals that your body will have daily if you opt for such things every day! You can start your day with an amazing breakfast based on egg whites, ham and a glass of orange juice with ginger, which will help you to stay energized during the day! Or have a bowl of cereals and a glass of orange juice or simply opt for a glass of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, all mixed together, they will give you the needed energy to have an amazing day.

And if you are the type of person who is practicing sports too, then this kind of breakfast is even more welcome! The lunch or the dinner can continue the same way and in the end you will feel amazing, you will look great and you will have more energy. This is what fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are about: refreshing up your body during heated days but in the same time they provide your body only what is best and they support your entire organism!

It is widely known that the best source to get vitamins and minerals is by consuming fruits and vegetables! So, why won’t you take advantage of this advice? Squeeze some oranges and some melon, along with cucumbers and with carrots; or mix bananas with berries or with grapes or with kiwi and it will result an amazing summer drink! They are fun and healthy too. And you will feel great, which is more than amazing! You will see that this will be reflected in your lifestyle; in fact, embracing a new diet (no matter if is regarding foods or drinks) is a brand new lifestyle.

You get to rest more, you get to handle stress more easily, you are no longer as tired as you were if you were not having any refreshing drinks, you feel more energized and during the most heated days you are protected! In fact, this is what fresh fruits and fresh vegetables are about: protecting you and protecting your health against noxious factors, against dehydration, against stress, against energy loss and tiredness etc. The most natural source of vitamins and minerals are the veggies and the fresh fruits- it’s not for nothing that everybody and any doctor you ask about how to get these things in a natural way, advice you about opting for fresh fruits and fresh vegetables!

An apple per day keeps the doctor away- they say! Now how many doctors are kept away with a cocktail of fruits or with vegetables? Not to mention how great they refresh your body, how great they make you feel, what a great foundation can be to your cocktail recipes and how they stimulate your immune system! Fresh vegetables and fresh fruits take care of your digestion and they make sure your entire immunity is on plus. Not to mention the amount of vitamins and minerals or antioxidants which are provided to your body! And the energy spread all over your body in each day of consumption!

Mixing fresh fruits with fresh vegetables is a must, but you can have them alone too. No matter how you want to have it, they will have the same result on your body; which is: that during summertime they will refresh your body up, they will re-energize it, they will help you fight heat, they will help you fight sweating, they will make sure that your daily dosage of vitamins and minerals is assured and that your entire immune system is on plus! Vitamins and minerals are extremely important and if you can have it from natural ingredients is even better! The way your body feels everyday can be seen in the type of food and drink you opt for, but since fresh fruits and fresh vegetables re-fresh your body, imagine the huge plus you give it if you mix it all together! Like, carrots, ginger and apples!

Or cucumber banana and Green Tea! Or berries, strawberries and banana! And you can have anything you want to have or you like to have because they will all feed your body up the right way and they will make you feel amazing! During a heated day refreshing is very important because you need to provide energy to your body, so you can stay focus on what you have to do! Consuming mixed fresh fruits and fresh vegetables can result amazing pluses from your health and for your body!

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Refreshing your body up with squeezed fresh fruits and fresh vegetables
This kind of aliments are the most loved ones and they should be, because they can offer your body only what is best! Vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and oligo-elements can be extracted from foods and drinks and if you are creative enough you can offer your body daily lots of vitamins and macro-nutrients which make sure that your body works the right way! The summer is one of the most awaited seasons!
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