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Religious Brainwashing —Myth or Reality?

Lorena B
Senior Editor, TipsHire

I have been always fascinated by the mysteries of the world and conspiracy theories. I believe that the subject of religion manipulation is still a subject Tabu for many people, so I wish I could expose some arguments in favor of the brainwashing of the religion.

Churches had always been manipulation people in order to gain power, to be the most powerful institution, to guide the word from behind.

Priests were always considered holy people, gifted with the power to forgive our sins and to allow us to go to Heaven.

But how people got to believe so strongly in the “divine power”? I think the secret stays in the inscriptions written 2000 years ago, added to the Bible, that got to confer divine powers to church and priests.

The belief of being afraid to research logically the divinity mentioned in the Bibles, Manuscripts or even preached by the Church, lead to the phrase “believe and do not research”, which is still believed by many people.

Ways Christianity manipulates people

The first and the cruelest way the Christianity manipulates us is by inducing us the fear of never been forgiven.

So the first instrument is fear: fear of punishment, fear of not getting to the eternal happiness. We keep being threatened that if we don’t obey the words in the Bible, we will be forever punished.

Fear is the strongest instrument to manipulate anyone, from being kinds to being adults.

The second instrument Christianity uses to manipulate people is isolation. They brainwash people, especially children to believe in them, to do what they say, to ignore science, happiness and to isolate themselves in the “right beliefs” they preach.

The third instrument is GUILT. We’ve been manipulated to live with the feeling of guilt, to carry the whole life the guilt of the errors of our processors.

They want us to feel guilty about what makes us happy or about what brings us pleasure: sex, listening to some kind of music, watching some kind of movies, not saying or doing the “correct” things mentioned in the bible.

Some believe that the church uses a lot more instruments to manipulate people psychically.

Entering the church, the environment of the building, with the special design of the interior, the feeling of grandiosity, of being closer to God. Then the music that accompanies this environment is meant to put you into a trance;

And then the prayers. All of this is meant to manipulate people psychicaly.

Talking about psychical induction, we can relate to the words of Sigismund Froid, who said:

What distinguishes a suggestion from other kinds of psychical influence, such as a command or the giving of a piece of information or instruction, is that in the case of suggestion an idea is aroused in another person’s brain which is not examined in regard to its origin but is accepted just as though it had arisen spontaneously in that brain.’

They made us believe this is the way God loves us, and we must obey the Christianity laws to pay this love back, otherwise, we will be punished, we will feel guilty, we will live with the fear that something bad will happen to us.

What is the purpose of manipulation of the religions in general?

In other religious traditions, people are pushed to fight, kill, make wars in the name of their god. They are so manipulated since they are born with the idea that this is the “correct way” to be loved and forgiven by their god.

Religious manipulations lead to harm people, from not giving them the possibility to feel free, to the holy wars, killings for honor, mutilation, and denial of scientific progress.

Karl Marx affirmed that religion was an instrument used by the reach masses of people to manipulate in their interest.

The terrorism nowadays is connected to religion, because terrorists strongly believe that God is on their side when they kill for doing the right thing. Some religions manipulate their people to make hypnotic strange rituals or walk miles into the hot desert, some make people isolate in a lonely place without having contact with anyone.

I strongly believe that apart from manipulation for their own interests, the main purpose of religion is to have tons of money, to be powerful, they want the people of the church as popes to have the luxury lives.

Everything that has to do with religion I think is only a conspiracy that made believe in it many and many people since they were born until they were old.


I can say that behind churches stand many institutions who manipulate the big masses of people according to they own interests. This manipulation started centuries ago, and continues to manipulate people to stand up for what is “right”.

Religion wants to convince us about the good intentions it has, of bringing people together, of helping them, forgiving their sins and leading them to heaven, through their churches and priests.

People can always come together if they want, people always can do good to each other, without creating wars in the name of God, without forbidding themselves to enjoy the beautiful things in life, without having the possibility of expressing or researching, or believing in the evolution of science.

I strongly suggest you read the book “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald

Walsch that will make you understand what God wants from us, how much He loves us and how much He wants us to be happy by making our own choices and by making everything that makes us happy. Then you will understand why we were designed and what is our purpose of being alive inside the body and beyond it.

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Religious Brainwashing —Myth or Reality?
I have been always fascinated by the mysteries of the world and conspiracy theories. I believe that the subject of religion manipulation is still a subject Tabu for many people, so I wish I could expose some arguments in favor of the brainwashing of the religion.
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