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RemodelHelpUSA.com Could Help You or Not?

Aura S
Senior Editor, TipsHire

When you want to improve your home and install new windows for example, you know that you must contract professionals to do it. Finding the right ones could be a burden.

It takes a lot of time. You could go for acquaintances or companies that are well known in this type of business. If for the first option you might find good contractors, if you go for the second choice you should also prepare your wallet.

In case you do not have any friends who know someone to help you the last choice seem to be to go for the home improvement companies. How can you find a reliable and affordable one? This question hunts many people. In the following rows of this article, I will talk about a certain website, namely RemodelHelpUSA.com.

What this website is offering and if it is worthy of your attention it stands only in your power to judge.

What is this website about?

Behind this website, it stands a company that offers you the possibility of finding affordable contractors. How this happens? It is a matching website. You have to create an account and you will have to fill a form where you will specify details about your project.

Beside the details about the project, you have to specify your address and contact details. If this might seem unsafe, the company who owns this website explains that this is the only way they could find contractors near you that could offer their services immediately.

The contractors will contact you directly so you could discuss all the necessary details regarding your home improvement project. So far so good. The website, according with the details offered by you, will put you in contact with four different contractors.

They might call you immediately or after no longer than two days. You might wonder why some of them could call you after a while. The answer is simple. They also have to study the project given by you so they will know if they could accomplish your wishes.

Why it is cheaper? The contractors that will contact you know that they are not the only ones who will contact you. They will make everything possible to offer you a better deal than the previous or following one.

What if you are not satisfied? At first you might not be sure if you could hold this website’ owners responsible if the contractors hired fail their mission. All you have to do is read their terms. You will not be able to do that. They specify quite clearly that they are not responsible for the services offered by these contractors.

They just help these small companies to contact you and they just help you receive better prices than the ones the big companies in this industry practice. This is one of the reasons why the negotiations are not held directly on this website’ platform. You and the contractor will discuss all these things in private. You will be the only one who will decide to contract the services of these companies or not.

What clients say?

My first impression was that it could be quite helpful for people with average incomes. Not everyone could afford expensive services. After reading the reviews posted by other people who tried the services of this website some hidden issues showed up.

It seems that most people are far from being pleased with the services received. The contractors do not behave in a professional manner, the quality of their services is quite poor and also the costs discussed at the beginning were not preserved. This is not good for anyone.

As I already said the company behind the website cannot be held responsible for these complains. It is your duty to choose properly and not theirs. They just give you more choices.

The real problem with this website is the safety of your personal data. As I said, when you request for a match on this site, you must give your contact details along with your address. The privacy of your data is not preserved as it should. Even if the owner of this site gives you the opportunity to refuse to share your data with third parties, these third parties seem to get them somehow.

We know that on such websites, many affiliate companies who are in home improvement businesses could try to sell their own services to the site’ subscribers even if they might not be interested in their offers. This is the main reason why you have the possibility to decline this data sharing possibility.

Many customers complained that they were disturbed with phone calls from such companies and with emails. Some of them even used the word harassment, which is a very big issue. Others even discovered that their email addresses were used to spam others, which we all know that it is illegal.

This is the real problem with this website and not the services provided by the contractors found through this site.


My personal conclusion is, that you might benefit of some advantages by using the services offered by RemodelHelpUSA.com as long you are willing to take some risks. Some of you might say that everything is risky, but here we are talking about your personal data.

My advice is to read very carefully the terms and conditions, and only after you are sure that this is what you need, and that this is your only hope of finding a cheaper but reliable contractor, then apply.

You can find other websites similar with this one so you should make a brief research, read all these websites terms and conditions and take a suitable and safe decision.

With all these things being said I hope you found the necessary answers for you or for other people that you might know and who might be tempted to try to request this site services.

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