Review Guidelines

As mentioned before, at TipsHire, we look forward to your opinion on the products and services you have tried. We encourage you to share your experience, good or bad, with us and our readers. Together, we can uncover the truth about the products and services available out there.

In order to do so, it is very important that your review be based on real facts and focus on useful observations, in order to help our readers assess whether the product or service in question meets their needs. That is why we need you to keep a few things in mind when writing your review.

What Products and Services You Can Review

At TipsHire, we focus on products available mostly online. You can easily figure out where the one you have in mind fits by browsing our review categories (Business, Education & Learning, Entertainment, Finance, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Internet & Marketing, Products & Services, Software, Technology, Travel & Vacation).

Except for products in the adult category, any product or service bought and available mostly online should fit the bill. If the product you bought and wish to review is not easily available in stores and for testing, your review will help potential buyers avoid it if it is of poor quality, or, on the contrary, make a great acquisition if the product lives up to its claims.

With your help, we can create real, accurate images of products and services that would otherwise represent a risky investment. We can put an end to false advertising and deceitful claims, and teach manufacturers and sellers a lesson: the truth eventually comes out, so it is better to invest in product quality and efficiency, rather than in aggressive and deceitful marketing.

How to Write a Good Review

The most important part of writing a good review is to have real, first-hand experience with the targeted product. Live, actual experience is the only way to assess a product’s quality and write a review that will help others.

We realize that, when you find an interesting product or you have extensive experience in a particular field, you feel compelled to share your findings with others. However, a product can incorporate great technology and have other flaws, or have an interesting presentation but fail to live up to it.

You can only notice such details while actually using the product. That is why we expect you to base your review on actual experience, not on theory, rumors, or assumptions. This way, the information you provide is accurate and helps create a clear image of the product.

We also understand that you may have had awful experiences with the products available under a certain brand and you believe all products of the respective brand are the same. However, we need to be fair and judge every product based on its qualities, faults, and performance, not on its label.

We also need helpful, detailed feedback. Rather than warning potential buyers that a certain product is worthless, explain how you reached this conclusion, what you didn’t like about it, what you did to fix it, etc. Also, every product has its strengths, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem to you, so don’t hesitate to mention them.

For example, a noisy product could be unbearable for you, but perfectly functional and acceptable for others. A small footprint may be worth gold when you live in a small apartment, but be worthless when you have a spacious closet or basement and adequate storage space.

When you review a product, keep in mind the needs and expectations of others as well, and try to meet them with your impressions. Present the product as it is, with its good and bad, before giving it a verdict based on your needs and expectations.

If you encountered a problem to which you don’t have an answer yet, don’t hesitate to ask. Someone else may have experienced the same problem and found a way to solve it. Also, any details as to what measures you took to solve that problem could be helpful, especially when they refer to costs, customer service, repairs, warranty, etc.

We welcome reviews supported by arguments, no matter if they’re overly positive, average, or overly negative. Whether you criticize or praise a product, explain what features made it worthy of those qualifications. We’ve seen good products have their reputation ruined by poor customer service or buyers’ failure to read the use instructions or terms and conditions on the website they bought it from.

We’ve also seen mediocre products with astonishing reviews due to the fact that they included some free gifts or relied on excellent customer service. You have every right to be thrilled or disappointed by the products you invest in, and share your excitement or dissatisfaction, but do it clearly and objectively.

When you do it, we would appreciate special consideration for grammar, syntax, and formatting. We understand that you may be in a hurry, thinking of something else, or too emotionally involved to notice small inconsistencies. However, those small inconsistencies could prevent others from accurately understanding your message.

We always read and, occasionally, edit the reviews we post on our website to eliminate mistakes and make them easier to follow. Every time, we make sure not to affect the message their author intended to send. However, to avoid any interventions on your review, read it carefully before submitting it and make sure it is clear, consistent, and free of errors.

The above guidelines apply to comments on existing reviews as well. We understand that you may disagree or wish to express your opinion regarding the reviews available on our website, and we welcome your intervention. However, make sure it is clear, consistent, justified, and helpful. We also welcome any questions, advice, or observations.

We assure you that our only purpose is to build a clear, accurate image of the products and services available online, to discourage false advertising, and help potential buyers make the best choice for their needs and budget. When we edit reviews or comments, our only purpose is to ensure their clarity, while preserving their message.

What Poor Reviews Are and How to Avoid Them

We understand your frustration and disappointment when you spend money on a product that does not live up to its promises and your expectations. However, we expect you to avoid profanities, insults, threats, and intimidating language.

We don’t tolerate hate speech, and we will not post any reviews employing it, no matter how helpful they may be. We will also disregard plagiarized reviews and materials meant to promote other products. It is not uncommon for companies to try to improve their products’ rating by posting or paying for positive reviews, or to ruin the reputation of competitive products by posting or paying for negative reviews.

Our team will detect such reviews and prevent their publishing. Even if such a review makes it on our website, we will discover and remove it in no time. To make sure your review fulfills its purpose, stick to the facts, and focus on clarity and helpfulness.

We only remove reviews that do not contain enough information, are confusing, misleading, and, therefore, useless. If your genuine goal is to help others learn from your experience and expose the real value of a product, you have nothing to worry about.

The same restrictions apply to comments. We remove comments that include hate speech, insults, advice based on personal opinions or irrelevant for the product in question, and comments that instigate arguments. We’ve seen many websites becoming the battleground of “comment wars”, and we don’t want that for TipsHire. That is why we won’t tolerate hurtful comments, personal disputes, or any discussions unrelated to the reviewed product.

What Is the Purpose of These Guidelines?

We hope it is clear by now that these guidelines aim to protect both TipsHire readers and contributors. They should be easy to follow for anyone whose genuine interest is to help others and provide useful information.

If you fit the profile, we look forward to reading about your experience with the products and services you’ve tried, to receive and try to answer your questions or concerns. We have no intention or interest to impede your right to free speech, but we will protect our readers from insults and useless, time wasting experiences.