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RubikLoan Reviews

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RubikLoan.com – A Safe Way To Get The Loan You Need?

Description: Rubikloan.com is a loan matching website that connects people in need of a loan with a large number of private lenders that can accept and transfer the requested amounts in just a day.

The reasons why people need and get loans are various and that’s not the topic of our post. The ways and methods used to get these loans are what we want to learn more about. Our attention focuses on the many loan matching services we find online. Are such services safe? What do people who tried them say? Read on to find out more.

The Internet has offered the chance for many businesses to grow, all sorts of services to be brought to people all over the world, and so on. Simply put, it has improved our lives in so many ways. A coin has two sides, though, and when it comes to services and products that involve money, great attention should be paid since the web is home to bad intentions, too.

Rubikloan.com – What Is It?

The technology we enjoy today has made it possible for us to enjoy many things from the very comfort of our home. From the job we have to the loans we need, the web services include a great variety of companies that direct their efforts to feed various needs. Rubikloan.com is a website that connects people who need a small loan with lenders that can provide them. The loan matching service does what such a service is supposed to, that is finding the right lender for you and not supplying you with the money you need.

Owned by Nesmetaju LLC, a company based in Saint Kitts and Nevis, Rubikloan.com was launched 3 years ago. The company behind it might seem familiar to people who’ve been interested in other similar loan matching services because they own several such websites.

Completely free to use, the website makes it possible for people in need of money to find a loan from their home. There’s no need for the client to go to the office. Everything a client is required to do is to complete an application which the company will use to find the right lenders.

The little information available on the website mentions that the company works with more than 100 lenders that offer loans based on specific terms and policies. Since Rubikloan.com is just the middleman and not the lender itself, it cannot display specific information on the loans such as their length, terms, and policies. We would expect to see at least some details about the average fees a client should pay in case of a loan approval. We don’t see any such details, however. It is true that the fees depend on various factors such as the lender’s policy and the laws of the state they are located in but users should be given at least an idea of what these fees might amount to.

Nevertheless, you will find some general information about the risks such loans involve, the general conditions for approval, and the maximum amount that can be borrowed in each state. Also, there are some factors that help clients increase their chances to access a loan. Thus, people who have been employed at their current jobs for at least 3 months, have an income of at least $1,000 after tax deductions and have checking accounts are more likely to get a loan.

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Rubikloan.com – How Does It Work?

You will find the first part of the application on the main page of the website where you are asked to enter the amount you want to borrow, your zip code and your email address. You can move forward if you agree to the terms and privacy policy. If you have the habit of skipping this part and clicking the agree box, we recommend you to read the terms and policy carefully since this service involves loans and fees.

Once you take this step,  agree to the terms and policy, you will reach the second part of the application where you will have to enter more information about you such as your social security number, banking information, full address, contact details, information on your job and employer and even your home ownership status.

After you submit all the required information, Rubikloan.com will find the right matches for you. You will then receive one or more matches. There’s a chance not to receive any matches at all depending on your financial situation. In case you are lucky and get a list of matches, you can then contact the lender you find most appropriate. It shouldn’t take more than a few hours for the lender to give you an answer. If you are suited for a loan, you can get the money in 24 hours.


There are too few relevant reviews on Rubikloan.com. The only one we’ve found and seemed to become from somebody who really tried it says the website is not of great help since it didn’t return any matches for small loans even in the best of circumstances. Considering this and the fact that you will be asked to enter important details about you even if you don’t get any matches, you might want to think twice before applying for an online loan through this website and other similar ones.

Keep in mind that the details you offer will be shared with anonymous third parties which might end up in your receiving all sorts of emails and offers regarding similar or different services. What should raise one’s skepticism is that part of the information requested should not even be needed when completing the application. Sensitive information should be shared with the lender when approving the loan. Also, the information available on their website is general and is not enough to make informed decisions.

All in all, using Rubikloan.com might not help you solve your money issues. What you might get in return is emails from third party companies trying to sell you their products or services. Therefore, the loan matching service is not completely free to use as it might cost you your privacy.

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