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Secret Cover Reviews

Aura S
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Being confident is one of the most important things. Sometimes we might lose this confidence due to many external factors. Losing the confidence due to your exterior aspect is something that affects people no matter their gender.

When it comes about our hair things could be quite sensitive especially if you are a woman. Usually men suffer of hair loss but sometimes women could encounter this problem no matter their age.

Women always try to look best and losing their hair might lead to other more serious losses. Some of them if not all of them can be affected in a very serious way such as their social life or their family life. They lose their self-esteem.

In the following rows of this article, I will talk about a possible solution to this problem. You might have heard about Secret Cover. Some people might believe that it is a wig or something similar with that.

It is more like a hairpiece but not as all the other similar products that are easily seen that are fake. At least this is what its manufacturers say about it in the product description. If you want to know, more you should continue your reading.

What is Secret Cover

It is a hairpiece as I already said. I watched the TV commercial on the official website. The manufacturer says that this hairpiece it is easy to put on. It is provided with three clips that could be fixed without any professional help.

It is able to cover the hairless areas in matter of minutes and you will also regain hair volume. It is easy to style so it can match perfectly your hairstyle. It can be found in a wide variety of shades so your hair color will match with the hairpiece color.

The manufacturer also claims that no one will notice the difference and that you will no longer notice the difference. It does not feel heavy on your head and your natural hair will not suffer.

Another thing sustained on the commercial is that it could be of a real help no matter the length of your hair. In the video, I have seen people who really loved the idea who felt younger and who trust themselves more just because they started wearing this hairpiece. The effects were quite promising.

Are there any down points?

I have checked the testimonials and the reviews posted by people who bought this product. Most of them are positive reviews. The price for these hair pieces are not to high either. However, there were some complaints regarding other aspects. For example, the length of the hairpiece could be a problem.

It can have a natural aspect if you have short hair or at least its length reaches your shoulders. Otherwise, it will look as it is from another movie. Also the shades of the hair piece were not exactly what the customers ordered. They did not match the exact color of their natural hair and the difference was quite visible.

Another reason why people were not that pleased with the product was the clips with which you can fix this hairpiece on your head. It seem they are quite small and this could make it a bit instable. You do not want a wind blow to blow your hair away. This could be a very embarrassing moment.

About its natural aspect, some people were not that pleased because if you pay a little bit of attention you could notice that your head skin cannot be seen through that hairpiece. Someone who will notice this small aspect will know that it is not your real hair.

The customers also complained about the fact that the delivery period was a bit long. Considering that most of them were anxious to try the product and to finally enjoy their thick and voluminous hair, waiting that long for their product to be delivered only increased their anxiety.

Does it worth the money?

The good thing about Secret Cover product is that it is not so expensive. Besides that, the official website from which you can purchase this item has a great return-refund policy. They are quite fair when it comes about satisfying their customers’ needs. You should make a small research so you will choose the proper hair shade but you have all the chances of finding one suitable for you.

Women who have this problem consider that nothing could be worse than seeing their bold heads everyday so they are quite satisfied with the product. Remember however that you should not be the owner of a long hair because these hairpieces will not satisfy you at all.

These hairpieces as long they chosen properly will fill the empty spots in no time. You will not need professional help as I already said. They might not solve the root of the problem but you will be able to feel more beautiful when you go outside. You will feel younger as well.

You might find other alternatives online. Some of them are cheaper and others more expensive. When you want to buy such product, or any other product, you should check the reliability of the website, the return-refund policy, the contact options and also you should read all the positive and negative reviews posted by customers on forum websites. This way you will be able to learn from other people experience.


In one word, after all these things being said, I could say that it is a fair product. It does not promise the impossible and its price it reflects the quality of the product as well. As long you are satisfied and you solved one of your self-esteem issues due to this product I could only recommend it.

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