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Secret Escapes Reviews

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Secret Escapes – Pros And Cons

Description: Secret Escapes is a UK-based company that offers major discounts on luxury accommodations.

No matter the reasons why you travel, be it for work or leisure, comfort is probably the main factor that has the greatest impact on what hotel room you book. Many people think a successful trip is one that includes an accommodation that meets their comfort needs. Thanks to travel agencies and websites, it is now quite easy to find such accommodations at prices people feel good about.

Booking online though is not free of unexpected and unpleasant surprises. You are likely to book a room that looks great online and get something of a poorer quality when you reach your accommodation. And then there are many websites and applications that offer major discounts on hotel rooms. One such website is our today’s topic. It is Secret Escapes and we have it under our magnifying glass today.

Secret Escapes – What You Need To Know

Secret Escapes is a UK-based company founded with a view in mind: to offer you the lowest rates on four and five-star luxury accommodations. Not the first company to do and claim so. The service claims to offer exclusive flash deals you won’t find anywhere else, though. By sending you hand-picked deals directly to your inbox, Secret Escapes promises to offer you the possibility to boost your comfort and experience when visiting a new place by enjoying high-end hotels, spa resorts, and holiday packages at the best prices you can get on the web.

Because no hotel or resort wants an empty bed, they will come up with last-minute deals in order to cover at least a part of their costs. This is how you get prices discounted by up to 70% on luxury accommodations through Secret Escapes or other similar brokers and companies.

You will thus receive a newsletter every Monday letting you know about the latest deals on last-minute reservations. You can receive the best rates on luxury accommodations by signing up for free. The downside is that the deals you receive are in a limited number and are available only for certain dates. In order to enjoy them your flexibility regarding the date of your next trip should be quite high. Fast action is required as well. Also, you can always cancel your subscription.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that the prices they advertise are per person and not per room. Therefore, your final costs are double if there are two of you who want to go on a vacation.

How To Use Secret Escapes?

Once you sign up to receive the newsletter, you will get the best deals on a weekly basis. There are three ways you can go for to book your next hotel stay and enjoy the deal.

The first option is to pay it all upfront. You might have to pay a broker’s fee, though, when your booking exceeds £99. You can also use the put it on hold option. If you are willing to pay £25, you will enjoy the possibility to put on hold an accommodation at the price it is advertised for the 10-day listing period. This will help you make sure no other member books the accommodation you’re interested in and give you more time to plan.

However, Secret Escapes highlights the fact that a “hold” is not the same with a booking confirmation and that because the hotels they feature on their website can be found on other websites and travel agencies, there may be the times when the supplier sells out before you decide. In case this happens, your hold will automatically be canceled. Your money will be refunded, though, as credit on your account and you will receive a notification letting you know about that.

The third option is to pay a deposit which will lock you into a rate and travel date. The company you choose to pay a deposit for and lodge with will let you know about the remainder you have to pay sometime before your holiday. The drawback is that if you need to back out for some reason, you won’t get your money back.

What Do Customers Say?

As with many other online products and services you can benefit from, the reviews are both negative and positive. Although the company claims that you will not find better rates anywhere else on the web, it seems things are not quite so. Many reviewers say they have found lower rates on other websites or when they contacted the company directly.

Other customers who have booked using Secret Escapes were dissatisfied because what they booked on the website was different than what they got when they reached the accommodation. You need to keep in mind that Secret Escapes acts as a third-party broker that is not responsible for any problems that may occur after you have paid your booking.

Secret Escapes might not be a good option if you are not based in the UK since the greatest part of the deals the company offers includes departures from London’s Gatwick airport.

And then, there are positive reviews as well. We’ve found feedback from people who were satisfied with what they got for the price they paid.

Final thoughts on Secret Escapes

If you’re a last-minute traveler, Secret Escapes might be of great help. Signing up is free and you can always cancel your Monday newsletters. Therefore, there’s nothing to lose. Even so, be sure you search the web for other deals and compare them before booking anything. According to some reviewers, better prices can be found, especially if you contact your accommodation directly.

Check all the ratings you can find and the feedback available online. Plus, make sure you won’t have to pay extra fees after you’ve booked the deal you were interested in. You can always book your next hotel stays through the hotel website. You will thus know if there are any extra fees.

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