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Secret Extensions Reviews

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Secret Extensions – What You Need To Know

Description: Secret Extensions is an invisible hairpiece which claims to get you fuller and longer hair in the blink of an eye without people noticing you’re wearing it.

If you’ve always wanted the reflection in your mirror to show a fuller, longer, and thicker hair, you’ve probably tried all sorts of hair treatments, vitamins, and products to help you reach the hair beauty level you have in mind. Hair extensions are very popular among women who dream of boosted volume and shine.

Thanks to such products you won’t have to wait months for your hair to grow or for your vitamin treatment to show its results. The market is now full of hair products, wigs, and extensions you can use to get a celebrity hairstyle in a matter of minutes. Secret extensions is among them. Is this product what it claims to be? Will you really enjoy the hair look you dream of using Secret Extensions? Let’s find out more in today’s post.

Secret Extensions –What Is It?

Secret Extensions is a product that, according to its manufacturer, claims to get you fuller, thicker and longer hair in seconds. Enjoying the benefits of this invisible hair extension requires a few simple steps. You just need to pull the adjustable headband over your hair and tousle to make it invisible. So, no more hours spent at the beauty center to get a new hairstyle. With Secret Extensions, you can reveal a new you in a jiffy. The product delivers such results thanks to the keratin-conditioned polyester fiber it uses. This fiber is known for moving, feeling and looking like your real hair. Secret Extensions comes in various colors so you can find the color that suits your hair best.

Moreover, you can actually wash, trim, and curl these hair extensions to match your hair style and preferences. You won’t have to worry about the headband as it won’t move until you remove it. You can even use it while exercising without worrying that it might not stay in place.

Secret Extensions Pricing

If the product sounds like just what you need, you can enjoy its benefits if you’re willing to pay $39.99 for each 16-inch Secret Extensions. Shipping and handling will cost you extra $6.99. In case you want to buy two such products, you can get the second one for $29.99.

The company claims that Secret Extensions will perfectly blend in with your hair. If that doesn’t happen, they will refund your order price within 30 days. The guarantee is voided though once you open your package, which means you can’t try the product out in advance.

Secret Extensions – What Do Users say?

As we always say, do your online research before buying any product, regardless of its price or your financial power because sometimes you get to simply waste your money on products that deliver none of the results they promise to. Based on the many reviews available online, there are two main issues when it comes to Secret Extensions.

The first one is related to the quality of the customer service. Many people who ordered the product had to wait long before their packaged actually arrived. Many reviews mention long shipping times sometimes exceeding even two months. When contacted, the customer service representatives had no clear or precise information about the date of the order shipment. Moreover, many customers say they received no answer to the emails they sent. Therefore, if you do decide to buy the product yet you need information, it is best to try the phone option. Keep in mind that some customers who tried to contact them via phone got no precise information.

The second problem with Secret Extensions regards the quality of the product. Most people who’ve tried it complain of poor quality which translates into the following issues:

  • The colors of the products customers received were different from the ones displayed on the company’s website.
  • The extension is quite thin. If your hair is not already thick and long enough, the extensions won’t help you very much.
  • Poor texture that makes the extensions look cheap and prone to shed. Plus, customers who tried the product didn’t manage to curl the extensions. Some customers say the ends get really bad after being used several times. That’s why the extensions need to be trimmed quite frequent which means they won’t last for too long.
  • The patented adjustable headband doesn’t work as advertised since it’s just a thin piece of elastic. Just like many other such pieces, there are great chances for the headband to stretch out after you use it several times. Plus, the headband is not strong or durable enough to keep the extensions in place as it claims to. Not to mention while exercising.

We did run into positive reviews too, but the satisfaction level depends on your expectations. If you expect to enjoy the results human hair extensions would get you while wearing synthetic hair extensions that come with a low price tag, then you’ll most probably be disappointed. Be realistic and don’t forget that the price should say a lot about the quality of the product and the price tag Secret Extensions comes with is not a high one. Some customers say they are happy and satisfied with both the quality of the product they received and the way the customer service solved the problems they met.

Final thoughts on Secret Extensions

The reviews we’ve run into while searching for more details and information about Secret Extensions don’t picture the product as being one to go for. The main issues include the poor quality of the product (no wow effect provided as advertised), long shipping times that can exceed even two months, poor customer service, and that leaves us with no pro argument.

But you can know a lot about a product before buying it if you look at its price. Secret Extensions is not expensive and quality human hair extensions usually are. Low prices are good enough to stir your skepticism. Synthetic hair pieces are cheaper and the way they look will justify the price. It is probably best to find hair extensions you can try out locally. This way, you will know right away if the product is what you need.

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