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Serious Head Injuries from Baby Strollers on the Rise

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

A baby stroller is more than just a way of transportation, being basically how you assure your child complex experiences, walks in nature, and is also the way you present him in society. It can be said that your baby is socializing for the first time while in his stroller.

How to choose a good baby stroller?

To find a good stroller for your baby, it’s a good idea to get informed and to find out more about the strollers.

Not just the appearance or the resistance counts.

The quality-price ratio also has an important role. It is good to have some landmarks when you go shopping for a baby carriage.

First of all you need to determine what type of baby strollers you want. You can choose from several options:

  • simple baby strollers
  • sports strollers
  • 2 in 1 strollers
  • 3-wheel or 4-wheeled strollers
  • multi functional strollers

Once you have set your needs in terms of your baby’s stroller and minimized your options, it’s time to move on to the other steps.

Durability is also very important. A durable stroller is safer and being more durable, in this way, it will give your child a proper environment that will not affect it in any way.

The metal frame should be of good quality aluminum, the wheels should be of durable rubber and be able to swell easily and the basket must be made of durable and practical materials.

The stroller must have a proper weight, in order to allow you to climb it up and down the stairs easily, to be able to quickly fold, and to be easily to be put in the trunk.

The stroller’s bed must be fitted with a stair lift to give your child the chance to sit in different positions according to his or her desire.

There must also be child-restraint belts. These belts must be resilient and fit perfectly. You can not afford to risk when it comes to the safety of your child.

Wheels are also important. It is generally recommended that the front wheels move left and right to allow you to take the curves effortlessly.

A wheel lock is indispensable for the moments when you are stationary. The handle of the stroller must have height steps. This way you can provide all the comfort you need when pushing the stroller.

The aspect or design is also important, but fortunately for you the options are endless. The colors and patterns are in a very large number, so all you have to do is leave your good taste to decide.

Other accessories that you can find in a stroller are:

  • raincoat
  • sunshade
  • toy pockets

To benefit from all these stroller accessories, and even more, an extra investment is needed, but your child will have all the best.

Serious head injuries from baby strollers

A study conducted in the US collected the data from 1990 to 2010 regarding American children who have visited the ER for strollers-related injuries. The study concluded that more than 360,000 children have been reported with serious head injuries from baby strollers.

Most of these injuries occurred when babies fell out of the strollers, or when the strollers fell on one side for any reason.

The study was desired to trigger an alarm signal for every parent out there. The best thing to to do is to keep babies safe, since these kind of injuries are keep summing up to 17,000 cases per year, and strollers’ manufacturers can’t be blamed, since their products are in conformation with the legislation.

In order to keep your babies safe, while enjoying a walk in the park with them, you should:

  • check if the baby is buckled up in the strollers in a comfortable position
  • do not hang heavy bags or purses on the stroller’s handles because it might tip over
  • always be sure your child is not exceeding the stroller’s weight limit
  • ‘break’ the wheels when stationary
  • forbid your child to push the stroller

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