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Sexy Thoughts: The Mind Is Key in Female Orgasm

The Female Orgasm: The Mind Is The Key Secrets of female orgasm are still of interest to both sexes, as long as it does not trigger as easily as the male orgasm. There is a whole series of stimuli and psychological factors that contribute to the emergence of the feminine climax, from which derives the so many mysteries of the …

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Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Better Sex


In time, even the couples who are still in love reach to a state of monotony and all it tends to be a routine. However, nothing is lost, even in couples who have a history of several decades, experts say, and different aids can be used to increase the libido, such as dietary supplements, essential oils, sportive activities, or even …

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A Study Shows Today’s Teens Have Less Sex


A recent study shows today’s teens have less sex. The so-called Generation Y have fewer sexual partners and less sexual activity than their parents or grandparents. In recent years, the acceptance of premarital sex increased from a minority to nearly 60%, following a trend that began worldwide in the ’70s. Despite the more permissive attitudes about sex, those born in …

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Does Sexual Addiction Really Exist?

When it comes about sex things can become a little complicated. Not too many persons like the idea to discuss about it in an open manner. In many couples’ sexual lives, some problems may show up sooner or later. The main topic of this article will be the so called sexual addiction. You may have heard of it. Is this …

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Cheating Your Ex and Telling Your Boyfriend About It

The Perfect Relationship Everyone is searching for the perfect relationship even if they say they don’t. No matter the age or the gender, people are created to live together, to share their worries with someone, to share their joy and their tears. Many of you may consider that we do not need a partner because we have friends. This is …

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Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant From Having Unprotected Sex One Time


Although, in some situations, pregnancy, indeed, occurs after a single unprotected sex, in fact, your chances of getting pregnant from having unprotected sex one time are relatively low. For example, in the case of regular unprotected sex contacts, within one month, the average probability of pregnancy is approximately between 15% and 20%. Regularly unprotected sexual contacts within one year lead …

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How Size Really Matters


Genitals are as individualized as every other part of our body. Look how varied are the forms of noses and you will realize that same thing is valid for vaginas and penises, too. But how size really matters is the subjects debated for hundreds of years and size of the genital does not affect men only, but women, too. Being …

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The Venereal Diseases Silence

The venereal diseases silence

How we think about diseases? When it comes to this specific topic, most people are ashamed even to talk about that. There are families that because of this feeling of shame they do not even speak with their children so they can stay away from these diseases. Even so, you will be surprised to see how many people suffer from …

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How to manage your in love teenager?


Many people once they grow old they forget how beautiful it is to be young and free of worries. One category of people who should never forget this is the parents’ category. Once you become a parent, your life is no longer yours. It’s nothing about you anymore. Everything is about that beautiful child. Nobody say to completely forget about …

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Love and marriage


How wedding affects a relationship? Every couple when they are really in love with each other they dream about the big day. Not only women love this idea. Sometimes even men are eager to start a steady lifestyle next to their loved one. Once they decide to pop up the question and make their lovers happy, something starts to change. …

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