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Sex and Sports – A Perfect Combination

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Sex and sports are linked in endless studies. We learn from one of the exercises that men escape from erection problems and women from very low libido. Others tell us that people with an unhealthy diet get medical problems that destroy their intimate life. Sex and sports – a perfect combination.

How many are known about the influence of food on sexual life? Not too many, yet. A nutritionist, says that ‘most clinical trials are still under way. Certainly, the results will bring surprising information. What we know so far is that excess calories and obesity decrease the libido, sexual performance, and increase the risk of polycystic ovary syndrome. We should avoid sweets, but also genetically modified foods.’

Also, the gynecologists remind us that ‘nutritional principles actually make organ function, and sex is a function of the mind and the body, in equal measure.

What you eat affects your sex life, sexual appetite, sexual performance, and sexual health. Fast food is not beneficial. It has artificial ingredients, unhealthy sugar and fat that interfere with nervous transmission, blood flow, hormonal health, mood, emotions, sexual appetite, strength, and breath.’

Sportsmen and lovers

There are several reasons why a physically active person has a better sex life than a sedentary person.

For example, better muscle tone can increase the quality of orgasm. Then the physical appearance of a person can be emotionally beneficial, increasing self-confidence and, implicitly, the attractiveness,’ admits a gynecologist.

Stress, the main suspect in killing the libido

Sexual lives of people who work over 48 hours a week are severely affected. Short-term changes would be to ensure a minimum daily communication with your partner. In the long run, healthy lifestyle, with enough sleep, with enough relaxation time, and enough personal care are the key to diminish the stress and to make the sex life better.

Relaxation and eroticism, away from well-known sexual techniques, approaching eroticism from a point of view of relaxation and tenderness, to the flavor and dedication.

Learn how little effort it will cost to make your sex life a more thrilling one, enriching it with knowledge of Kamasutra, through culinary delights, exciting imagination games, and pleasure erotic toys.

Less stress, more sex

Let yourself be seduced and carried on a journey into the new sensuality that will transform your life.

Relaxation and eroticism is a sexual method which implies spending a relaxing time with your partner while an erotic atmosphere surrounds you, and will not demand exaggerated performance.

Sex is not a performance sport and should never become a stress factor. Life is pretty stressful everyday. So what is the meaning of the two terms – relaxation and eroticism?

A new way of pleasure, because all the senses are involved here. You will find out what color influences the libido, how sex toys or music can animate your sex life, and how you can stimulate the brain, which is the biggest sex organ (since it controls everything),’ says Schonmayr the founder of the ‘Relaxation and eroticism’ theory.

Even those who have not yet met their half can draw inspiration from Schonmayr guide because they can leave prey to sensuality, they can awaken their pleasure, and enjoy such beneficial results.

Tips to bring your libido back to life

  • Make regular exercises because it improves circulation and stimulates you sexually. Only 20 minutes of higher cardio exercises increase your libido by 150%, according to some studies. Lust will come back, orgasm will be more intense and you’ll have a long-term bonus – the muscular tone will make you feel more proud of your body. The best exercises for satisfying sexual life are yoga, jogging, cycling, gymnastics, and swimming.
  • Consume food that increases the libido, such as food rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins. They improve your mood and your sexual appetite. In fact, the best diet for a healthy sex life is the Mediterranean diet, which consists of fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, whole grains, and fish. No wonder the people on those lands are so passionate, right?
  • If you are ashamed of your body, instead of avoiding looking at it, try just the opposite. When you go out of the shower, go for a while and look every time you pass a mirror, but do not just focus on problematic areas, but admire your body as a whole. You have to feel good when you are naked.
  • Do not feed your obsessions and be realistic! Do you think your lover really cares about the cellulite on your feet or the excess fat on your stomach? There is a tremendous gap between what women think and what men consider attractive. When your partner has an erection, what a more clear proof do you want for being attracted to you?
  • Give up on certain medicines that affect your libido. For example, birth control pills have this effect, which is why you need to think well if this is not the time to try another contraceptive method. After all, what is the point of taking pills for this purpose if you eventually stop doing sex?
  • Weight affects your sex life more than you think, especially at a psychological level. When you do not feel good in your own skin, not just regarding sex, all the aspects of your life are starting to rush.

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