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Does Sexual Addiction Really Exist?

Aura S
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When it comes about sex things can become a little complicated. Not too many persons like the idea to discuss about it in an open manner. In many couples’ sexual lives, some problems may show up sooner or later. The main topic of this article will be the so called sexual addiction. You may have heard of it. Is this really a disease or just an excuse for infidelity? This is exactly what I will try to explain in the following rows.

This not an article that will take sides to someone. Here you will be able to discover the facts as they really are. If you are interested in this topic, and obviously you might be, then you should continue your reading. It will not take too much of your time and you may be able to discover some very useful information.

Is Sexual Addiction a disease?

I will mention here that all the information you are about to read is gathered from other persons’ studies and opinions. I did not made a personal study. The conclusions drawn will be according with the facts presented and also will be my personal opinion about this problem. After settling these things, I am pretty sure that sexual addiction is real and it is a disease. Usually, normal people with a normal behavior will not be suspected that they may have unusual sexual habits. From my personal experience, I can assure you that you will be surprised how many “normal people” have double lives.

A sexual addiction is not a pleasure. This is the main difference between an addiction and the pleasure of cheating someone. Usually when you cheat, you do it because you cannot find in your relationship all the things you want related to this aspect and not only. Women cheat for different reasons and for different purposes than men. Besides that, the guilt feeling is more pronounced on women than on men. There is some kind of unwritten law that men are allowed to cheat. This is not true at all and it is not fair either. But we are not talking about cheating now.

The sexual addiction is described by an uncontrollable urge to have sex with anyone. The physical attraction may not even be there. A person who suffers of such addiction does not really care, when he or she is in a sexual crisis, about nothing else than to satisfy his or hers needs. They do not care with whom, where or how. Such people may not even have normal wishes regarding their sexual activities. It does not matter their age. Many young people cannot control such urges in any way. They are the most exposed type of persons to venereal diseases. Besides the sexual intercourses, they may also have other habits when they are not able to have sex. They watch porn movies all the time, they request escorts services and they masturbate excessively.

The bad news is that if they do not realize that they have a problem is very difficult to help them. Many of these persons have families, friends and regular jobs. They do not manifest these habits around their families or acquaintances. They are perfect people, with perfect lives and no dark or unsolved issues. They live double lives. The problems appear when someone finds out about that, or when they find out that because of their sexual behaviors, they have contacted some dreadful disease. The worst news is that they infected their official partner as well. This means that the truth will be discovered. Like that, families will be broken, lives will be destroyed and it might be a little bit too late to solve your problems.

Sexual Addiction Treatment:

Usually people who finally decide to change their lifes, seek for treatment. The usual treatment is through psychotherapy. It can be done individually or in groups. Sometimes the group therapies are much more effective. It will be comforting to know that you are not the only one in such situation. Besides these therapies, it will be strongly recommended to never go back to the same environment that caused this addiction. The family support, in case you still have one, will be of a great help for you. If this obsessive- compulsive behavior is stronger than your will to turn back to normal, you can be prescribed a specific medication so you can keep things under control as much as possible.

It is not proved entirely if this is an illness or not, but I personally believe that no normal person will expose itself to such dangerous sexual experiences if their brains would function properly. Are they aware that they are doing something wrong? Considering that they hide themselves from their families and friends I believe that they are quite aware, it is just like a drug addiction. The difference is that when you are a drug addict, your behavior will be difficult to hide too long from your dear ones. The sexual addiction can be hidden for a lifetime sometimes. This thing is making me wonder if it is really a disease or not.

Why some people turn out being like this? It seems that somewhere in their lives different things happened that made them to be addicted to sex. Maybe they were sexually abused when they were children, or maybe they witnessed sexual abuses around them, something happened that made them so vulnerable and so irresponsible in the same time.


Can they be blamed for these problems? Considering the fact that they know exactly what they are doing, otherwise they wouldn’t hide it, they can be blamed. They should consider the harm that they can cause to their families. They hide behind their families so they can look normal in the eyes of the society. They live a lie and they draw into this lie their families too. This is not fair.

Can their families be blamed because they decide to walk away? Considering that they lived a lie, that their entire lives were a lie due to a single person, no one can blame them. Practically they lived with a person who was not real.

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