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The Side Effects of Poor Quality Sleep

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side effects poor quality sleep

When you want to preserve your health, you know that you have to maintain a healthy life style. People are mainly thinking about their nutrition when they want to live a healthier lifestyle, but this is not everything.

There are other things that should be changed when your intentions are to live longer and keep yourself from illnesses of all kinds.
A big problem for many of us seems to be the lack of sleep. I have often heard the phrase that we will sleep as much as we want after our death, why should we waste so much of our lives sleeping.
In the following rows of this article, I will talk about the reasons why we should sleep well so our bodies will be ready to function as they should when we wake up.
If you are interested about this topic then you should continue your reading session.

Why we need to sleep

In fact not how much sleep can we get is important but how much we rest is important. There are thousands of people out there who do sleep but they wake up even more tired than they were when they went to bed. I am sure that such thing happened to you as well. This could not be a very big problem if it happens once per year but if this is how you start your day every day, it could become a problem.
When you are sleeping, your entire organism is resting and regaining its power to function, starting with your vital organs. When you suffer of chronic insomnia or you just sleep without resting yourself then some serious health disorders and even illnesses might emerge.

You can see the signs quite fast. When you are so tired due to the lack of rest, the main thing that will be affected will be your ability to focus on your daily tasks. This will affect your work for sure. Also you might not have the best mood possible and this could affect your social life as well in case this situation persists.
These are the small things. In time, such situation might lead o high blood pressure issues, heart diseases and even depression. The risk of having digestive problems increases and a stroke or a heart attack could happen any time no matter your age.

Factors of insomnia

Who you should blame? The question is not who but what. The stress level that we must endure each day is one of the most important factors. Besides that you can add other factors as well as a poor environment. Many people fall asleep with the TV on and sometimes with the light on. This is one of the unhealthiest things. Even you schedule your TV to close on its own after a while, falling asleep in such environment will affect the quality of your sleep during the entire process.
Even if I said before that it does not matter too much how much you sleep, this affirmation is not entirely true. An adult should sleep between 6 and 8 hours each night. Some people are used to go in bed at very late hours. This will decrease the necessary period for your body to rest. If you also consider that you cannot fall asleep instantly you can add another hour of fatigue.
So if you usually set your watch alarm to wake you in the morning maybe you should also settle a reminder so you will be notified that you must sleep. Once you will get used with the hour, your body will be the one who will notify you that you should sleep. But for this to happen you need to give your organism some time to settle its biorhythm.
A very disturbing situation that could damage the quality of sleep is if you frequently wake up during the night. This phenomenon could happen for many reasons. Maybe you need to go to the bathroom, or maybe you had a bad dream or maybe this is what you usually do. As you can imagine, falling asleep again is not an easy thing to accomplish. When you struggle to close your eyes you add even more stress. If you only have in mind that you must wake up in just a few hours you will stress yourself again.

What can you do about it?

The best thing you can do to sleep better is to provide for you the perfect atmosphere. The best way to do it is to choose a space where the light is diffuse and it shuts down gradually. Also you should eliminate any noise source. You should avoid coffee and nicotine before going to bed. If you really need something to drink you should go for a warm herbal tea or cup of milk. You should also avoid eating at late hours. This way your stomach will be able to rest as well, instead of struggling to digest the food that you have just ingested.
It will be ideal if you will start meditating or if you start practicing yoga exercises. These will help you remove a great part of the stress accumulated during the day. Clearing your mind before sleep is the best way to get some rest.
You might think that sleeping long hours will help you feel more rested this is not always like that at all. Sometimes those long hours of sleep after an entire week in which you could barely had some time to put your head on the pillow, could bring you even more fatigue than you had before.
Some people still believe in magic pillows and mattresses. For some of us they do work. Everyone knows that if the mattress used is able to offer the best support, your muscles will be able to relax and enjoy a good rest.


It is very important to improve our way of sleeping in order to stay healthy. I have mentioned above that a prolonged state of fatigue might lead to depression. This was not an exaggeration. Insomnia is one of the scariest illnesses possible. You might change your behavior, your social life will be affected and your entire health will be affected as well. Some people even had suicide attempts due to this terrible health condition. This means that you should not joke about this problem or treat it with indifference.

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The Side Effects of Poor Quality Sleep
When you want to preserve your health, you know that you have to maintain a healthy life style. People are mainly thinking about their nutrition when they want to live a healthier lifestyle, but this is not everything.
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