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How Size Really Matters

Diane Luke
Senior Editor, TipsHire

Genitals are as individualized as every other part of our body. Look how varied are the forms of noses and you will realize that same thing is valid for vaginas and penises, too. But how size really matters is the subjects debated for hundreds of years and size of the genital does not affect men only, but women, too.

Being different from the norm in every aspect is difficult enough, but what matters is how you react to what makes you different. You can become paranoid about your genitals size, or you can accept what nature gave you, get used to it and have a satisfactory sex life.

Too small vagina

Women whose vaginal canals are small sometimes feel uncomfortable during intercourse. Natural birth heals you. Do not panic! Giving birth to a child is the only solution. Here are others:

Always use a lubricant.

Extra lubrication is the single most effective method that you can use for sex to be enjoyable.

Do not start the intercourse before being totally excited.

Explain to your partner that you need a lot of foreplay because you need your vagina to moist properly.

Choose sexual positions that allow you to widely open your feet.

Doing so it facilitates the penetration and vaginal muscles will relax.

Too big vagina

Some women have really weak vaginal muscles. If you do not squeeze the penis the feeling less pleasant, for both of you. Fortunately, the problem is relatively easy to solve if you are diligent.

Do Kegel exercises each day.

Arnold Kegel invented in the 1950 a series of exercises designed to strengthen the vaginal muscles around the pelvic platform, which contracts during orgasm. First, you need to find coccygeus muscle. It’s simple: insert a finger into the vagina and the muscles contract around him. If you feel the muscles tightening around your finger means you’re in shape. If not, you’ll be!

Contract and relax this muscle for 25 times, 2 times a day at first. Work slowly and gradually increasing frequency. When you get to do 25 rapid contractions, you are ready for more, like 50 times for 2 times a day!

Too big penis

Perhaps you’re feeling in the 9th heaven when you change in the men’s locker room, but have ever thought that your girlfriend is not as happy with your penis size as you are?

The good news for you is that the vagina is elastic, and flexible enough to allow removal of a child, so it can get a big penis, the secret being to make sure it is sufficiently excited and vagina is physically prepared for penetration.

You’ll need more foreplay and extra lubrication. If it is not wet enough you’ll cause some serious pain to your girlfriend.

Choose a sexual position that does not allow deep penetration. Side by side or a position in which she is in control, such as ‘woman on top’.

At first, penetrate with only one-third of the penis

Stand still until the vagina is getting used with the size of your penis and then penetrate a little further.

Too small penis

If you have a small penis but a very strong coccygeus muscle you can be a stud.

Do not make of the penetration the main event during the intercourse. If she’ll have 3 orgasms through oral sex, masturbation or genital sensual massage, sex becomes a component of meeting the love, not the main event.

That makes you no longer feel stressed. Most women do not orgasm during intercourse, so they’ll be happy when your focus moves to other elements.

Choose a sexual position where deep penetration is possible. The woman on top, but leaning towards changes the vagina angle and increases friction.

In the missionary position, put a pillow or two under her butt. Instead of legs wide apart, tell her to keep them tight.

Push firmly and deeply. If your penis is smaller than the average size, you can push harder and deeper than usual.

Masturbate often to avoid premature ejaculation. It is unfair, but unfortunately true: men with small penis often have problems with premature ejaculation. The explanation is that all penises have about the same number of nerve endings on the glans. If your penis is small, they are concentrated in a smaller area and thus more sensitive. The more you masturbate, the more you become less sensitive, especially if you practice orgasm control during masturbation.

Penis pumps

Penis enlargement pump is already a classical device. It is a valuable market asset for a long time and its use seems to have some effect, but temporary.

The pump will create a vacuum space around the and blood will be drawn into the penis, where it will be maintained due to physical conditions that are artificially created.

These pumps were originally designed in the context of treatment for impotence.

Prices and their quality was much higher but being produced by famous companies in manufacturing medical equipment. The used for such purposes (penis) are sold at attractive prices, however. Such a pump has the advantage of creating the individual impression that his penis is increased considerably, but after the pump is removed and the bloodstream starts to normalize, return to the previous penis size.

There is a danger that by pumping much a suction force is created which can be so powerful that vascular lesions may occur.

Exercises, massages and other apparels

First of all, experts warn that the penis is not a muscle, so it can not be worked out like the biceps! However, nowadays there some devices and methods of stimulation, which can lengthen the skin and create the impression of a bigger penis.


One of these methods is represented by ‘milking’ technique. Most sites that promote this technique argue that its history dates back to ancient times, being successfully used by Arabs, and that is now available to all those keen to try a natural way to enlarge their penises.

The technique itself is relatively simple, but takes time, approximately 60 minutes per day of penis stimulation, WITHOUT bring it to erect state. Manual stimulation should stimulate the smooth muscles of the penis and other penis tissues, which in time would translate into a significant increase in penis size.

The technique involves applying the thumb and the forefinger around the penis and then a movement like ‘milking’ needs to be done which aims to stimulate the blood flow to the penis which will promote stronger vascularisation of the cavernous body and tissues around it.

There is currently no scientific evidence that such a method works!

Weights attached to the penis.

One method of penis enlargement includes placing some weights attached to the penis that aims to effectively stretch the penis.

Sometimes they have to be left hanging for few hours, up to 8 hours per day.

Pills, natural supplements, and creams

Maybe some of the best penis enlargement methods are penis enlargement pills, supplements, and cream.

Most of them are actually mixtures of ginseng, aloe vera and of course, Yohimbe (the famous ‘vegetable Viagra’).

Surgical augmentation of the penis.

In contrast to all the schemes, methods and techniques outlined above, surgery may be the only one with effective and lifetime results.

Even the fiercest critics of this practice agreed that with the plastic surgery the penis can be increased.

In this case, there are also numerous risks and benefits.

It seems that the increase is not greater than 3 inches. Indeed, the results may seem modest, but sometimes even these extra inches are better than nothing, especially when the situation is critical.

Surgical methods currently available are grouped in ways that can increase the length and ways to improve the thickness.

Lengthening the penis involves cutting the ligaments that keep the penis attached to the pubis. About two-thirds of the penis is inside the body and is attached by these ligaments. Surgical removal of these ligaments will allow the penis to seem longer.

Through such a procedure the penis will get 2-3 inches longer.

Since the surgery has certain risks and results are not always the ones you want, doctors recommend patients with normal functional penises to avoid this enlargement method.

It is indicated only for patients suffering from traumatic birth defects or malformations of the penis, or those who have severe erectile dysfunction.


Another penis enlargement method that can be applied is the one that consists of removing the natural cavernous body and replacing it with an inflatable implant.

During the intervention, doctors will introduce a very small pump in the scrotum, which allows filling those implants whenever it wants to achieve an erection.

One advantage of this type of implant is the fact that the patient can get an erection whenever desired, and can maintain it for how long he wishes.

The major disadvantage is that this process is irreversible.

Many believe that despite recommendations, penis enlargement surgeries will become as popular and required such as breast augmentation, while skeptics invoke rather financial reasons for such surgical procedures.

For example, in the United States, a penis enlargement surgery costs between 5,000 and 10,000 dollars, costs not covered without a good reason, by health insurance.

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