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Sleep Better This Year is Your Next Goal

Aura S
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What we all should be aware of is the importance of sleep. You really need to know what a good night sleep can do for you. I know that most people have hectic life styles. Sometimes I am in the same situation. Our jobs, our family duties, the debts we must pay each month and many other things may not allow us to sleep at night. In the following rows of this article I will develop a bit this topic and after reading it you may establish your next goal which should be to sleep better this year so you can improve your state of mind and your entire organism’ health.

You may think that you do not have enough time to accomplish this goal and that 24 hours per day are not enough to finish all your daily tasks. Sometimes, for some of us, this is also true, but we will not be able to accomplish them if we are sick either. This is the reason why, we should start thinking more about ourselves than to our duties. We only have one life and you will discover that it is quite shorter than you may want it to be.

Sleep disorders

You may think that sleeping activity should come naturally and that it will never be a problem for any human being to just fall asleep when they feel the need. These days it seems that even young children have this problem. Yes, there are people who can really fall asleep in any conditions and they feel rested after just a few hours. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many people like that out there. Our society seems to be the guilty one when it comes about our sleeping inability.

Many people suffer of chronic insomnia. This is maybe the worst type of sleeping disorder because in time it can become fatal. Some people just have several insomnia episodes when they go through more stressful periods, such as busy and complicated days at work, unpaid bills, exams, the loss of a family member or other things that keep their mind awake.

Other type of sleeping disorder that may prevent us from getting the proper rest even if we do sleep is Apnea. This is a quite dangerous disorder as well, because if we suffer of apnea episodes our brain does not receive the proper quantity of oxygen during our sleeping sessions. The problem is that vital organs such as our heart or our lungs can be affected as well, because they do not function properly. Beside our own problem, if we share the bed with someone, that someone may not get enough sleep either.

What causes these disorders and how can we avoid them?

Besides some chronic diseases, which may cause this inability of sleep, such as diabetes or heart diseases or lungs diseases other things can cause such disorders. We will also eliminate stress, because as you can imagine, it is one of the main things, which will prevent us from getting enough sleep. It seems that our daily habits can be blamed as well. The way we eat, the way we hydrate ourselves and what we eat, are very important factors. Also nasty habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking can lead to these sleep disorders.

It is very important to maintain a healthy nutrition so we can maintain our entire organism functional, starting with our digestive system. Also eliminating alcohol, too much caffeine and if we stop intoxicating our body with cigarettes or drugs can be a very good choice. Not only the sleeping disorders will vanish but also your entire health status will be improved. Isn’t that what you wanted from the beginning?

You can find other solutions as well. If you have a sedentary life, you should not have such lifestyle anymore. It seems that physical exercises can be a real blast for your body and for your brain. They are not recommended before bedtime, but early in the morning, when you must gather the necessary energy to start your day, they can make wonders. Nobody says that you must force your body from the first day. A small jogging session, a walk in the park, climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator and a walk towards your office instead of driving to it, can improve your state of mind and make things seem much easier to accomplish.

If you have the space and the time, you can also practice meditation sessions.

The sleep benefits

You may wonder, why we should sleep. After enumerating all the things that causes the lack of it, it may be the perfect time to explain why it is important for us to sleep. In fact, the most important thing is not just to sleep but to rest. During our sleeping sessions, our entire body is capable to recover the necessary energy so we can go on during the day.

The energy gives us the power to concentrate better, it gives us the ability to feed our bodies. You may have noticed that when you are tired you do not even feel hungry anymore. If you sleep properly, you will keep things like depression and unjustified anger episodes away from you and away from the people around you. A very tired person is incapable to think and his reactions can be quite aggressive.

Another thing that you may have noticed, when you do not have enough sleep is that you become a grumpy person that you do not even recognize. You may even start to act like a drug addict person. This is what it happens when the lack of sleep is quite constant.


In conclusion, trying to sleep better this year must become your main goal. Only like that you will be able to become useful for all the others around you. The brain is one of the organs who feed itself with the largest amount of energy possible comparing with the other organs from our body. It is one of the main reasons, why we should provide for it the needed food, by sleeping properly. Another thing that you should know is that the lack of sleep can kill faster than the lack of food.

You must assure yourself that the environment where you sleep is proper. The light and the noise can keep us more awake than asleep. This means that you should avoid both these things.

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