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The Reason Why It Is Good To Sleep Naked

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Do you sleep naked or with some clothes on? Before you start blushing and think of saying you wear your pajamas, you should know many other people have a hard time admitting they sleep naked. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll in 2015 and found that only 12% of Americans sleep in the nude (or openly admit it).

However, if more people knew the benefits of sleeping naked, they would certainly decide to ditch their pajamas in favor of improved health and well being. These claims are not based on empirical evidence, but on scientific findings.

What Is the Big Idea Behind Sleeping Naked?

Sleep takes up approximately a third part of our lives. It is time well spent – because this is the period when the brain can finally rest, the heartbeat slows down, and the cells in our body can regenerate without stress.

What everyone wishes for in order to enjoy a healthy night’s sleep is a comfortable bed, soft pajamas, and a warm blanket. What people actually need for a healthy and restful sleep are the comfortable bed and a thin sheet to let the skin breathe.

We are all born naked, not fully clothed, so why not return to your natural state at least at night, in the privacy of our homes and the comfort of our bed? Modesty requires that we cover up while out and about. What we do in our bedroom is entirely up to us, especially when there are valuable benefits at stake.

Top Benefits of Sleeping Naked

As mentioned above, sleeping naked brings about several important benefits. We will discuss them in detail in the following lines, so keep reading!

1. Sleeping Naked Improves Sleep Quality by Reducing Body Temperature

Dr. Van Den Huvel from the Center for Sleep Research at the University of South Australia has been studying insomnia and other sleep disorders for years. One of his recent findings has it that high room/ body temperature represents one of the causes of insomnia.

The study Dr. Van Den Huvel conducted showed that people suffering from insomnia have higher core body temperature right before falling sleep than normal, healthy adults. Otherwise put, if you have trouble sleeping at night, lowering your body temperature may help.

There are several ways to lowering your body temperature. You can switch the thermostat to a lower room temperature, or replace the thick duvet with a thin sheet. But the first step everyone should take is to give up wearing a pajama or a nightgown. Even healthy people should do this, to enjoy a healthier sleep and prevent the onset of sleep disorders.

2. Sleeping Naked Keeps Your Weight under Control and Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

So many people take up difficult and even dangerous diets to lose weight. Meanwhile, others have to supervise their sugar intake, because they are at high risk of diabetes. According to data from the National Institute of Health, cool temperatures can alter human metabolism in the sense of preventing the onset of diabetes and reduce the accumulation of white fat – the type that stores energy and makes people overweight.

Dr. Paul Lee from the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Australia, and Dr. Francesco S. Celi from Virginia Commonwealth University conducted the study. They monitored a group of men for a period of four months.

The men slept in a room with temperatures alternating between:

  • 75 F in the first month
  • 66 F in the second month
  • 75 F again in the third month
  • 81 F in the fourth month

During the month of exposure to the lowest temperature, the subjects experienced better metabolic activity than in the other months. So, set your room thermostat lower and take off all clothes when going to bed.

3. Sleeping Naked Slows Down the Ageing Process

Who wants to live forever? The song of the well-known band Queen asks a philosophical-rhetorical question. Maybe one day we will find the secret to eternal life. In the meantime, we can prolong our lives and slow down aging by…sleeping in the nude.

This is not wishful thinking, but a secondary finding of Professor Reiter from the University of Texas Health Science Center. Prof. Reiter found out that the human body releases more melatonin – the molecule which, among others, fights against free radicals and delays aging – when it is allowed to naturally regulate its temperature during sleep.

In other words, bundling up in pajamas and wrapping a thick blanket around you prevents your body from self-regulating its temperature, release melatonin, and stay younger for a longer time.

4. Sleeping Naked Keeps Your Genitals Healthier

Sleeping naked benefits both sexes when it comes to keeping the private parts healthy. On one hand, Dr. Jennifer Landa, MD, explains that the female genital area, being naturally moist and having higher temperature than the rest of the body, is highly predisposed to infections caused by yeast and various bacteria.

On the other hand, researcher Katherine Spara of the US National Institute of Child Health and Human Development showed in a paper that men should sleep in the nude in order to protect their fertility.

The study showed that test subjects who wore loose underwear and slept in the nude had lower levels damaged DNA levels in their sperm compared to subjects who wore tight underwear both during the day and the night.

5. Sleeping Naked Reduces Stress Levels

Stress is the number one enemy of our health, brought about by modern age. It has given birth to a multi-billion dollar industry aiming to treat or reduce it. But there is one simple solution for reducing stress with zero cost: sleep naked.

Sleeping in the nude encourages the release of oxytocin, or the “love hormone”. This hormone is beneficial to you in many ways, including that of suppressing the production of cortisol, or “the stress hormone”. Professor Kerstin Moberg of the Swedish University of Animal Sciences at Uppsala reached this conclusion in 2009.

Non-Scientific Reasons to Sleep Naked

Leaving aside related-research and expert opinions, here is a non-expert suggestion: try sleeping naked or as close to naked as possible, and see how it feels. My guess is that you’ll love it, you’ll feel better, wake up more rested, and, why not, spice things up in the bedroom.

Your loved one will not be able to resist the urge to touch you, and you will be able to enjoy their touch to the fullest on your bare skin. When things go well in the bedroom, any marital problems are easy to solve.

Have you tried sleeping naked yet? Do it, and, if you want to, recount your experience in a comment. Being naked is just human nature, and, sometimes, getting back to our nature is all we need in order to feel better in our own skin and get past everyday problems!

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The Reason Why It Is Good To Sleep Naked
Do you sleep naked or with some clothes on? Before you start blushing and think of saying you wear your pajamas, you should know many other people have a hard time admitting they sleep naked. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll in 2015 and found that only 12% of Americans sleep in the nude (or openly admit it).
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