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Smart Writing – Paper Tablet

Lorena B
Senior Editor, TipsHire

What makes the paper tablet so different?

The paper tablet is the only device that brings the experience of feeling like using real pen and paper. It does not include any applications that can send notifications and distract yourself, is just you putting down on paper your thoughts.

Comparing to any other tablets, the paper tablet comes with the advantages of: giving you the real paper feel, easy reading with sunlight, sync of all your data, scratching, drawing, writing and reading with no other distractions or notifications from applications, and its purpose is to make you focus on your thoughts and become more productive.

The marker that comes with the tablet gives the experience of using a real ink pen, being designed to put your thought on paper with precision and no lag.

The new concept of digital paper brings many advantages. Living in the era of digitalization, the paper table helps you develop the brain cells of concentration, writing, reading and being creative. It offers the basic tools for expressing your best ideas on paper, using the new technology.

Counting all the advantages of the paper tablet, we can say that it sums the benefits of: writing on real paper, a very slim tablet, a long lasting battery, having all paperwork in a single place, transfer the files via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, large amount of internal memory, data encryption, password protection and saving a lot of time.

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Smart Writing – Paper Tablet
The Paper tablet replaces conventional paper and the experience of using a pen, by using the new smart technology of paper tablet.
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