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Smart Writing – Paper Tablet

Lorena B
Senior Editor, TipsHire

The paper tablet can is very useful for students; it can be used in schools, high-schools and universities by replacing the thousands of conventional note-books or books that can weight a lot in a backpack. It is easy to use and it brings the advantage of not losing the by accident the hand written notes.

Taking into consideration all of this advantages, we can say that the paper tablet is a good and smart investment. No thousands of books, pens, notebooks, no dust, no overweight back packs, no storage issues, creativity is boosted and paperless homework.

What are the cons against the paper tablet?

Connected to Wi-Fi, the paper tablet can be a distraction for students. Having a device connected to internet in their hands could be difficult to be used only to take notes, read and focus. Also, the paper tablet has its technical limitations and does not support multitasking.


The paper tablet gives you the incredible feeling of experiencing drawing, writing and reading as if using real paper. It comes with the advantage of making back up for your files, a long lasting battery, easy and productive using.

Being in the era of technological discoveries, paper tablet can be a huge advantage for children in school; it can prove that electronic devices can help the students improve their creativity, hand writing, and learning environment. Having a tablet in their hands, the students will be more likely to pay attention in class room and this is a new possibility of making the school environment and effective and pleasant place for learning.


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Smart Writing – Paper Tablet
The Paper tablet replaces conventional paper and the experience of using a pen, by using the new smart technology of paper tablet.
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