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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays in 7 Easy Steps

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Staying fit during the holidays in not an easy thing. Around the holidays we like to spoil ourselves with the most delicious dishes that aren’t the best friends of a fit body. Fortunately for us, there are some simple steps that we can follow to look very good, even on holidays. Next time you want to indulge in some of the tastiest Christmas delights, you just have to delight your taste buds without worries, because your body weight will remain the same.

If the most difficult holiday period starts with Thanksgiving and continues with Christmas ends each time with unwanted pounds. Things will not always be like that. As long as we have realistic goals that we can accomplish, there is only one thing left to do – start our own strategy of staying fit during holidays.

  1. Be active

There is no miracle that could allow us to eat as many rich caloric foods as we like, be sedentary and don’t gain any weight at all. If we were to be realistic, it is a must to be as active as possible, whether it is Christmas or Easter. Holidays are not an excuse for sedentary, even if there are a time of relaxation in which we either travel or spend time with loved ones. Moreover, you can take advantage of the holidays to be more active than usual and try to find new ways as fun and enjoyable as possible to spend your time.

There are many things you can do to be more active, including taking long walks in the park or exploring new surroundings if you are traveling. You can use nature as your personal gym and try different workouts outdoors, which will be even more enjoyable as you will get rid of the routine of a fitness room.

You can climb the mountain, ride a bicycle, go out roller skating and even run. When you are outdoors, it is impossible to get bored even if you are exercising. It’s easy to be in a great shape, while you have fun and try out the tastiest traditional culinary goodies.

Being active during the holidays is easy even if you are not much of a sport fan because it is impossible to resist the temptation of walking along the beach, playing volleyball in the park or riding a bike with your friends, as long as we are on vacation and you have enough spare time available.

Why spend time indoors watching TV when you can have such a great time outdoors, whether you are alone, with your family or friends. Next time during holidays just be active, eat your favorite foods, relax and have a lot of fun!

  1. Stay hydrated

Hydration is the key to many important things for your health and body weight. When you are out on your holiday it is difficult to remember to drink water all the time, but it is essential to consume at least two liters of water daily. Since our body is composed of 60% water, we need plenty of it to maintain the balance of body fluids.

Water is helpful for controlling bodyweight, since it is the perfect substitute for caloric beverages. In addition, it induces the feeling of satiety and is an effective way to avoid excessive food consumption or to reduce an extremely increased appetite.

There are many studies that suggest a connection between water consumption and weight loss, due to its effect of making us feel full and, therefore, consume fewer calories. If you are more of a party lover, drinking lots of water help you prevent a possible hangover. Staying hydrated offers plenty of other important advantages, including improving concentration, boosts energy, clear skin, eliminates the toxins from the body, supports kidney function and helps digestion.

In order to stay hydrated, drink a glass of water soon after you get out of the bed and 30 minutes before eating any big meal. This way you are able to control your appetite. Earlier than you think, it will become a habit for you to drink plenty of water each day and stay fit during the holiday, as well as for the whole year.

  1. Have enough sleep

We couldn’t function without sleep, no matter how much we try to resist it. Giving up sleeping is not a good thing at all for our health, although we want to do so many things every day and sleep as little as possible, as if the day weren’t long enough for us. It is well known that lack of sleep can lead to bad food choices and even give up our workout routine. A person who sleeps less can become overtired and the chances are that he or she will be less likely to have the energy to go jogging, taking a walk or cook a healthy dinner.

If you want to stay fit during the holidays and maintain your bodyweight, you could start with getting better sleep. The levels of leptin (the hormone that contributes to the sensation of fullness) drop if we don’t get enough sleep. As a result, we will start to fill hungry and have unhealthy cravings, such as fat and rich –calorie foods, which leads to weight gain.

Nevertheless, sleep is important for a good overall health. Numerous studies show that there is a connection between insufficient sleep and the appearance of different health problems, including heart disease, obesity, heart attack and diabetes.

Other studies show that the lack of sleep can lead to memory losses and increases the chances of developing false memories. Therefore, we need sleep to stay fit and to protect our nervous system and memory. In addition, a good level of energy helps us to be active and burn the caloric surplus we intake during the holidays.

  1. Drink smart

When it comes to drinking and staying fit, it is best to avoid caloric beverages, such as too much beer and different cocktails, including daiquiri or margarita mixes. These drink mixes are high in the worst calories, simple and refine sugars and combining them with the negative effects of alcohol on metabolism, it makes things even worse.

These calories will be difficult to eliminate when your body’s metabolism needs to recover after a hangover. If you prefer rich-calorie drinks and cocktails, try to eliminate them and opt for other type of beverages for the next holidays.

Avoid caloric beverages doesn’t mean you should avoid all type of alcohol, because it will make you fat. What matters is the combination of alcohol and sugar found in mixers or the bar food we consume along with alcohol. Alcohol has benefits to offer when consumed moderately, such as a drink per day for women. Drinking with moderation offers advantages, such as increases HDL (good) cholesterol and even longevity, as studies show that people who consume a couple of drinks each week live longer.

It is good to take into account the calories found in beverages, because they are empty calories, which means zero nutrients. In order to be a smart drinker, we can consume wine, straight liquor such as vodka, scotch, rye and gin. Keep in mid to avoid mixes or mixes containing juice, tonic water or non-diet soda.

  1. Recruit an exercise buddy

There is no fun in exercising by your own, especially if you aren’t crazy about working out. As much as you try to run or to ride a bike, it seems impossible to find the right time, especially if you hate being active.

Until you’ll be able to turn physical activity into a habit, we need time to accommodate yourself, and a friend can offer you all the help you need. It’s much easier to go to the gym if you do it together with your best friend or your sister than going alone. A friend can motivate you and become your best exercise buddy.

You can recruit a workout partner even if you don’t work out together, but from a distance. As long as you check in with your partner or partners, it will be more difficult to skip your exercising. Is it difficult to find a friend interested in physical activity?

Then you can use the Internet for recruiting your partner of “suffering” that will sweat together with you, while fortifying your body and burning calories. Surely you will find a group dedicated to people who want to stay fit. It will be simple to find a person interested in working out with you. The important thing is to find a pleasant way to be as active as possible, burn calories, have fun and keep your body fit.

  1. Don’t miss the seasonal offerings and holidays discounts

Fortunately for those who love shopping and discounts, these come hand in hand with losing weight and staying fit. If you need something to motivate you to start going to the gym, take advantage of the best seasonal offerings we can find near you.

For sure, you’ll find a fitness center next to you that can offer special membership fees and advantages class packages. Spending less on your gym subscription can be an extra reason for doing exercises, even for holidays. Who knows, you can get a great subscription for a long time, save money and stay fit.

If the gym is not your favorite place, then you can go shopping, to hunt for the best discounts. Pre-holiday shopping is most appropriate, especially as you certainly need gifts for family and friends. So, start buying your favorite things and choose the most beautiful gifts while burning calories.

This is how you prepare for the holidays, change your wardrobe and tone your body. A shopping season is therapeutic for all of us, not only for our bodyweight, but also for our physic.

  1. Include mini workouts in your routine

If you imagine that people who look great are sweating at the gym all the time, this is not always true. You can stay fit even if you include mini workouts in your routine, when you have the time, as often as you can.

Just see these mini workouts as “workout snacks” that will prevent the unwanted fat stores to accumulate, without keeping a drastic diet and depriving yourself of everything that is tasty for holidays.

How to do these mini workouts? Do them exactly as way you want! You can jump the rope for 5 minutes, go up and down the stairs from your own house a few times a day, make some abdomens or some deep knee bends, run around your house a few times.

You can sneak some workout during commercials, when you listen your favorite music or before you go to bed. Studies show that even walking for a mile a day can have a good impact on your health and bodyweight.

Staying fit can be easy and fun!

No matter it is the holiday period or not, because it is easy to keep fit if we do something in that sense. The steps we need to follow are simple for almost everyone, with no drastic dieting, hours spent in the gym and exhaustion.

We can spend the day eating exactly what we want and enjoy our favorite dishes as long as we are careful to be active and don’t refuse any opportunity to make some physical effort. So, next time you have to take your dog out or take the garbage, think twice before refusing. After all, sedentary lifestyle is the most powerful rival of an enviably toned body.

Holidays are not all about getting fat and becoming a couch potato. There are so many healthy and interesting activities for all of us that can make our days funnier and our health better.

What are your favorite fun activities that allow you to keep in the good shape and have the time of your life during the holidays? Certainly, it will be difficult to decide, since there are so many interesting and challenging things to do all the year around, not only during the holidays.

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How to Stay Fit During the Holidays in 7 Easy Steps
Staying fit during the holidays in not an easy thing. Around the holidays we like to spoil ourselves with the most delicious dishes that aren’t the best friends of a fit body. Fortunately for us, there are some simple steps that we can follow to look very good, even on holidays.
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