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Stinger USB Emergency Tool Review

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stinger usb tool review

Well, now that we’ve skipped the part where it helps you to save your life in many ways, let’s get to the electronic side of this Stinger USB. This Stinger USB comes with a 2 port charger for faster phone charging in the car. These USB  are designed to prevent any malfunction related to the phone, short-circuit, over-currents or over-charging. These Stinger USB emergency tools are tested extremely vigorously to see their real performance and durability during usage.

The old and the new Stinger USB Tool

Those who have created the Stinger USB emergency tool have been thinking of making a newer version of it, more specifically the Stinger Plus. It has a size of 6.5 cm x 8.7 cm x 2.5 cm, weighs 52 grams and has a Floating 2 Stage Firing Pin glass breaker compared to the usual Stinger that has a size of 6.5 cm x 8 cm x 2.5 cm, which weighs 48 grams and has a Single Shaft Firing Pin glass breaker.

People all around the world are very pleased with this combination of USB port, window breaker and seat belt cutter in a single tool saying that this tool is much more handy than a regular window breaker. The seat belt cutter is positioned in such a way that you are not likely to cut yourself. This tool is extremely accessible for the simple reason that  it connects to the cigarette lighter area and you can always get to it.

Stinger USB Tool prices

If you’re ready to buy one of these tools, here’s what you need to know:

  • Cost $14.99 on their own website and it can be bought from Amazon as well
  • Can be bought in 2 colors, black and white
  • Depending on where you are, your order will reach you within 18 days

Reviews about Stinger USB Tool

I made a small research on the internet to see what people who bought this tool were saying about it. Apparently, the world is simply pleased, this tool has a lot of positive reviews. People are excited about this tool, nowadays it is hard to find such a useful tool like this. Why take some regular window breakers with you when you have a Stinger USB emergency tool available? It’s much easier to find it because it’s right near your hand, much more affordable, much more convenient, much more useful, much better than any other regular breaker window, it’s not just me who says this, but all those who bought it and tested it.

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Stinger USB Tool

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