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Stinger USB Emergency Tool Review

Alex C
Senior Editor, TipsHire
stinger usb tool review

So I also looked for negative reviews to see what those who are not happy with it have to say. Apparently, USB ports are braking easily after use,  which is unpleasant for many buyers and they are unable to keep their phones in charge mode most of the times. Another disturbing thing is that it does not fit entirely into the cigarette lighter area, in case of an impact it would be likely to get out of that place and get lost in the car. Some people even say it takes an eternity to charge their phones with this tool, and the charging is often interrupted.


In my opinion, if you have a car that in which this tool fits perfectly into the cigarette lighter area then it is necessary to have it. It’s an extremely useful tool that could save your life many times. The price of this tool is not exaggerated as it comes with 2 USB ports. Together with deliveries, given that their factory is in China, it quickly reaches the buyer.

For the most part, this tool deserves the money, it all depends on how you use it and how much you need it in your car. Better safe than sorry.

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