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Learn How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings

Aura S
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stop sugar cravings

When you are keeping a diet, the worst thing is to stop eating sweets. Not only sweets are the problem. Many aliments contain sugar. Even bread contains it.

In short about sugar

I have read many articles and seen many videos posted by people who are more or less experts in nutrition, who say that sugar is the worst enemy possible.

You don’t have to think only about the losing weight programs where sugar is completely forbidden. If you wish to change your lifestyle completely, sugar should be replaced with something else.

The refined sugar is the most addictive aliment possible and in the same time it is toxic for our bodies. Some people, if not all, say that sugar is more addictive than nicotine or other substances.

In the following rows, I will talk about how you can stop sugar cravings so you can preserve a healthy lifestyle somehow. If you are interested on this topic you should continue your reading session.

Your brain plays with you

I believe that not only once, you felt the urge for something sweet. When you are tired and you need a refill with energy, when you are upset or you simply need a piece of candy, ice cream or no matter what else.

You might think that you are not a person who eats a lot of sweets. Even if you prefer salty foods this does not mean that they do not contain sugar.

As I said above, sugar is hidden in many aliments. The fast food dishes are a sugar bomb if you want a clear example. As well, any pastry product has the same problem.

Besides that the processed foods such as sausages, salami, ham etc, have a great amount of sugar in them.

This is how your addiction is created. Your brain gets used with sugar and it cannot live without it in a very short while.

You believe that sugar gives you energy but it is just a boost of energy for a short while. Try to eat a whole cake and you will see how tired you feel after that but in the same time you will feel anxious.

Your brain will play games with you and will make you crave for sugar in various moments when you usually fed it with this noxious ingredient.
The hardest thing will be to stay away from these sugar cravings.

Preserve your daily meals regularity

You should not skip meals at all. When you feel hungry you can also associate the feeling with tiredness and lack of energy.

You do not need sugar. You just need to eat. If you preserve the regular meals of a day, your stomach will no longer feel hungry and you will not crave for sugar anymore.

The main secret in order to preserve your energy as well is to eat at least three times per day and small portions. When you have a full belly you also feel like resting.

Consume natural sugars

The best time of the day when you should eat carbs, namely sugars, is early in the morning. There are many fruits that contain sugar which is not processed I any way, which means that it is safer than the refined option.

The energy from natural sugar contained by fruits and veggies is released gradually and you will feel energized a few hours and not a few minutes.
There is another reason why the recommendation is to eat them in the morning.

There were studies made which proved that if you consume fruits at noon you trigger your sugar cravings. Maybe not immediately, but later you will need a bit of sugar.

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Learn How to Stop Your Sugar Cravings
When you are keeping a diet, the worst thing is to stop eating sweets. Not only sweets are the problem. Many aliments contain sugar. Even bread contains it.
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