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Studies have shown that the word ‘’vacation’’ is the most loved word by most people!

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Your health is the first thing which suffers, because of stress. Your entire immunity system, your digestive system, your cardiovascular system, your neurological system etc. Everything gets harmed and you will feel it. That is why, from time to time you need to stop and to think about yourself more often! How can you do that? It is easy! You must love yourself, confide in yourself and focus on yourself, in order to proceed next with what needs to be done, to stay healthy on the long term and to avoid stress or to cure your body of stress’s noxious factors! For this kind of stuff holidays are recommended; but not any kind of holidays- but healthy holidays!

The concept of healthy holidays is kind of new. It all started with the all-inclusive programs offered by all kind of resorts, in order to satisfy everybody’s needs; and now have these healthy holidays programs spent in the same resorts but focusing on our health. This means that, you are able to involve your body in all kind of sessions which are meant to improve your health!

You will get massages, cosmetic procedures which will reshape your body, which will take care of your skin, which will give you back the youth you have lost; you will detoxify your body, you will transform body fat into muscle mass by having daily trainings of the sports you like, you will meditate in order to fill our body with positive energy and in order to lose stress, you will rest and, what is the most important thing, you will finally be able to relax!

A healthy holiday is focused on your health, on increasing your health’s rate! That is why you will get so many procedures regarding your body- to accomplish all system’s needs: you will change your diet (if you do not have one, you will start a healthy diet) based on fresh fruits and on fresh vegetables, based on grains, based on white meat only, based on fish- especially salmon. So, your body will get the needed vitamins, minerals and oligo-elements from foods steamed or grilled; from healthy foods.

Your body’s detoxification will be made based on natural juices, based on smoothies- all made of squeezed or blended fresh fruits or fresh vegetables or fresh fruits and vegetables. All mixed together will assure your body the daily needed energy dosage and the daily needed dosage of elements important to your health. Vitamins like A, the vitamin’s B complex, C, D, E, K, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Selenium- these are just few elements that your body will receive daily due to the detoxification cure that you will be submitted to!

So, you will lose noxious elements and you will break toxins, due to your detoxification cure. This cure can also help you lose weight! Which means that by consuming so many fresh fruits and vegetables in a squeezed or blended form your organism will be given daily health and will assure its daily nutrients in order to work right! Every hour your body will be given a natural juice or a smoothie for your body to detoxify entirely and for your body to gain back its health!

In fact, what exactly does health mean? Or what do you have to do, in order to feel great and to stay healthy as long as possible? It all starts with what you eat and drink. A chaotic diet, smoking, alcohol and drugs will never get you in the right shape. Who says that he or she smoked all his or her life and they were never sick is lying! You cannot have a chaotic lifestyle and at your elderly age not expect to suffer diseases which have to do with the cardiovascular system, with your kidneys, with your lungs, with your brain etc.

And if you aren’t lucky enough, you do not have to wait to get old; the noxious effects felt by your organism and left by your chaotic lifestyle can be felt by young people too. So, the detoxification cure is more than welcome! So, you start with changing your diet, you get a detoxification plan and then you continue with cosmetic procedures, in order to lose weight, to reshape your body, to hydrate your skin, to eliminate dead cells. A massage with brown sugar is more than recommended to have a complete body scrubbing, which will eliminate dead cells and which will clean up all your pores.

You can have a Scottish shower to improve your blood’s circulation, you can opt for a jacuzzi which will treat your spine’s problems or your rheumatic problems; paraffin is really good for your spine’s problems too and you can have that cozy time thanks to the heat emanated by the paraffin! Mud baths or mud masks also give a huge plus to your health and to your skin! Lymphatic drainage is also an important procedure which will eliminate toxins all over your body and it will help you lose weight.

Studies have shown that those people who decide to lose weight, they co-relate their diet with cosmetic procedures for a plus of results! Daily trainings and sports or going daily to the gym is something which you will have in your healthy holiday too. And this is quite important because you need to move your body, in order to transform fat into muscle mass and also in order to reshape your entire body.

Sports and daily training will make you lose stress, it will clear your mind, it will improve your mood, you will get disconnected from your dailies which caused you stress and in the end your looks will be taken care of too. Then you can relax, rest and meditate all you want. The meditation class is extremely important for your brain and for your heart! With it you will be able to think better about your life.

When and where did you do wrong? How can you change that? During meditation class you can lose frustration and you can find that confidence you once had, you can feel better about yourself, you can get in a balance- mind and soul- no matter your stress rate!

After this kind of holiday, you will feel better and you will look better too and your health’s rate will be higher! Which means that you will be protected against illness and diseases of any kind. And not only during your holiday you will be protected! You will learn to continue this program at home. After a healthy holiday program, you will know what to eat, when to eat and you will be able to continue your diet at home, because now you feed yourself with healthy foods and drinks only!

Your daily trainings can continue at home too. This means that at least 3 times per week you must go at the gym to keep your body in a balance and, in order to keep up the good work related to your figure. 30 mins of daily meditation can be done at home too. All you need to do is to create an environment (music for relaxation, essential oils and candles which spread all over the room fragrances which relax your mind and your body and which make you feel amazing) and enjoy the feeling of relaxation. In fact, the main purpose of a healthy holiday is besides improving your health’s rate, also teaching you how to live right and healthy to stay healthy on the long term!

So, the main idea in regards to this healthy holiday thing is that you are thought how to have a healthy lifestyle. And once you have learnt and embraced this new lifestyle you will never go back to what it was before. Because now you are facing a new person; actually a new personality, who loves his or herself, who takes care of his or herself, who has a program well-established, who knows what he or she wants and where his or her life goes to.

Every program that you submit your life to is a key of discipline and is extremely important for you; you are building a lifestyle and it is extremely recommended to start any kind of healthy programs which in the end will form you as a person. In regards to your health, you should do whatever it takes to stay healthy as much as possible! No effort and investment is enough for your health! And people should be aware of that, because it will keep you healthy on the long term! Not only this idea, but what you do!

A basic routine is important, but what about a healthy one? What about having a healthy lifestyle? Based on a healthy diet, based on daily exercises, based on daily meditation, based on a program which is focused on your well-being?! In the end this is what healthy holidays are: a valuable time spent focusing on yourself and on your own well-being, positive energy spread all over your body and all over your organs: your heart, your brain, your senses! Relaxation and a great feeling about yourself; weight loss and body reshaping!

All these have to do with your lifestyle and they are all influenced by what you eat and drink, if you relax or not, if you have time for yourself or not, if you exercise or not! All these have a word to say about your lifestyle! Be your own boss in regards to your free time and choose the best you can in order to spend it in the right way! The power is in your hands and if do not choose what’s best for your health, then who should do that?

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Studies have shown that the word ‘’vacation’’ is the most loved word by most people!
Your health is the first thing which suffers, because of stress. Your entire immunity system, your digestive system, your cardiovascular system, your neurological system etc. Everything gets harmed and you will feel it. That is why, from time to time you need to stop and to think about yourself more often!
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