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Top Subscription Meal Kits in 2019

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If you look for the top subscription meal kits in 2019, then you most sure bumped into dozens of offers and solutions for that. To choose the most suitable one for your needs you must know the differences between them.

To come into your help, we put up a list in this article with the best kits that you can chose in 2019.

Subscription meal kits services

Before moving on to the list, you must learn all that you need about meal kits. If you made any research before reaching this article, then you most probably learned about Home Chef, Freshly, Sakara Life, and Purple Carrot, all of which are very popular in the last five years or so.

Subscription meal kits are, in essence, a new service that mixes the efforts of cooking chefs, dietitians, and personal shoppers, delivered to clients who want to eat freshly cooked meals made with fresh ingredients.

There are dozens of subscription meal kits services in 2019, besides the three mentioned above, so choosing the one that suits your needs might be a challenging task.

There are also services offered by Blue Apron, Sun Basket, Martha & Marley Spoon, and Purple Carrot. The best part of them is that they also provide vegan or raw-vegan menus, gluten-free foods, and more. These services are quite customizable, so that they can match clients’ needs better.

If you have special requests, like keto diet-ready menus, plant-based meals, or weekly deliveries, these services will have you covered. Now, it’s time to get down to business and talk about the top subscription meal kits.

Home Chef

Home Chef is ideal for big appetites as it provides 38 different subscription meal kits. It also offers its clients the possibility to customize their protein amounts in their meal. The ingredients used at Home Chef are pretty standard.

The recipes at Home Chef are cusomizable to some extent, and a subscription plan at Home Chef starts from $9.95 per serving for two or four servings per each recipe. Premium recipes or personalized ones are calculated separately at the market price.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket is great for organic foods enthusiasts as it uses organic, non-GMO, and sustainably- and responsibly-grown ingredients. Justin Kelly, the famous San Francisco chef, is behind the recipes at Sun Basket, so the quality of their subscription meal kits is guaranteed.

All the recipes at Sun Basket are low-calorie meals, most of them ranging between 500 and 800 calories, but you can also customize your own menu, as you wish. You can choose between 18 different organic meal recipes each week, and you can also find vegan, paleo, or gluten-free menus.

For a three two-person meals per week you’ll have to pay $74.93, and $143.87 for a four-person meal kit. To every order the shipment fee is $5.99.


EveryPlate is ideal for those on a budget. Accordingly, if your thing is affordability, then EveryPlate is for you. It provides cheap meal kits starting from $4.99 per serving, and the food they deliver is quite delicious for such a low price.

But, the diversity they offer is also quite low. EveryPlate only offers eight meal kits weekly, and they don’t address to vegans or those on special diets. If you want delicious, Western-style menus, EveryPlate is for you.

They also have a special offer – for 18 meals, you pay $3.33 per servings, with the first delivery free, and the option to cancel the subscription anytime.


This one of the top subscription meal kits is ideal for simple meal preparations. Dinnerly focuses on meals that use six ingredients tops, something that considerably reduces your waiting time.

Dinnerly, similar to EveryPlate, is also budget-friendly. Each serving starts from $5 and special offers are also available.


Freshly is ideal for those customers who would love to have cooked food at dinner but have no time for cooking. Freshly delivers fully cooked prepared meals to their clients.

Peppercorn steak, penne bolognese, or chicken and rice pilaf are just a few of the subscription meal kits delivered by Freshy. The best part of this service is that its chefs always prepare the meals right before delivery, and they always use fresh ingredients, not semi-preparated foods or frozen ingredients.

Blue Apron

Across the US, Blue Apron is seen as the most trustworthy and oldest subscription meal kits service. The quality of its service is renowned, and even though their menus are not as many as in the cases of other similar solutions presented above, they have a variety of options.

Besides, you can always opt for a vegan or a seafood-only menu. Blue Apron is not costly, either, offering subscription meal kits between $7.49 to $9.99 per serving.


HelloFresh is ideal for those with food allergies. It always tags its recipes which contain allergens, so you can ask their chefs to remove those ingredients or, simply, choose a meal that contains no allergens for you.

Subscription meal kits range from $8.74 to $9.99 per serving, and you can opt for two to four meals per week for two or four servings each.


If you’re too busy to cook but want to eat healthy food prepared with fresh ingredients and in high-quality manners, then choosing for one of the top subscription meal kits presented above.

The quality of those services is guaranteed by the many positive reviews those top subscription meal kits services received from their many customers across the United States.

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Top Subscription Meal Kits in 2019
If you look for the top subscription meal kits in 2019, then you most sure bumped into dozens of offers and solutions for that. To choose the most suitable one for your needs you must know the differences between them.
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