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The Surprising New Childbirth Trend

Diane Luke
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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periods in a woman’s life and it is like a magical journey of creating a new life and bringing that new life into this world. Pregnancy has its ups and downs, of course, but generally, it offers more advantages than disadvantages. When the delivery is the subject of discussion, lately, the surprising new childbirth trend was discovered by a survey conducted on women at their last days of pregnancy.

The benefits of the pregnancy

Lifestyle changes

Pregnancy is a time for positive changes in the cases of most pregnant women. During pregnancy is when women tend to quit on any unhealthy habit and adopt a healthier lifestyle. For example, experts say pregnancy is the most common reason for quitting smoking.

No more period cramps

You should know that the pregnancy gives you an unexpected benefit. After giving birth it is possible to have less painful period cramps or even no period cramps anymore. One of the accepted theories states that during the childbirth there are eliminated some of the prostaglandins receptors from the uterus.

Pregnancy lowers the risks of developing cancers

Recent studies have reported that pregnancy can be an excellent protective factor against breast cancer and ovarian cancer. In addition, some studies have shown that breastfeeding for more than three months may decrease the risk of certain cancers. Until now, researchers have nothing more than theories regarding the connections between pregnancy and breast cancer!, admits Dr. Kevin Hughes, a professor at Harvard Medical School.

Your senses become more accurate during pregnancy

Most pregnant women note that their smell sense is much more accurate than before the pregnancy and that higher sensitive perception is also present in the taste sense. Experts say these changes occur due to increased levels of estrogen during pregnancy.

Increased self-esteem

Like any other personal project that was successfully accomplished, the pregnancy may be one of the key factors that increase a woman’s confidence. Some women even consider their body image improving during pregnancy. Women with low-risk pregnancies proudly discover their ability to engage and sustain many physical activities, relieving their minds from the stress. The birth was often considered like a won marathon, for a good reason. Some studies have shown that during pregnancy and postpartum, women feel better about themselves, about their strength and about their abilities. Experts say that pregnancy and childbirth are the time when women learn to look ahead, and not in detail.

Decreased risk of developing multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that affects the nerve cells in the spinal cord and the brain. Multiple sclerosis occurs more frequent among women. You should know that a pregnancy lower by 50% the risks of developing multiple sclerosis, at least that is what a study conducted by Australian experts concluded. Also, each pregnancy a woman has during her lifetime offers additionally more protection against this merciless disease, some statistics saying that women who have five children have a 95% lower risk of developing multiple sclerosis in comparison with the women who do not have any child.

During pregnancy, the mother’s immune system adapts in order to not attack the baby, and experts believe that a less active immune system reduces the inflammation that put pressure on the nerves, deteriorating them. After birth, the few of the baby’s cells remain in the mother’s body and the immune system remains on lower activity, thereby decreasing the risk of multiple sclerosis.

Sex is great!

For many women, the sex intercourse during pregnancy improves considerably, at least in the last part of the pregnancy. Doctors say that the explanation is that during the second quarter, pregnant woman’s body increases the blood flow in the pelvic area, which makes the sensitivity of the area to increase, and also the possibility of having orgasms increases, too. A surprising statistic says that many women experience their first real orgasm when having sex during pregnancy. Also, many women reported that they had their first multiple orgasms experiences while having sex during pregnancy.

As a conclusion, the pregnancy is, in fact, a reboot of woman’s body that start regenerating.

The surprising new childbirth trend

One the craziest new trends regarding childbirth is to deliver in nature. Pregnant women with a sense of adventure and incredible courage choose to give birth in the wild, in a forest, near a river, next to a lake, and so forth, depending on their preferences. When the time comes and the contractions begin they choose to give birth naturally, in the wild, without any help, with no doctor’s or midwife’s assistance. The only people who accompany the pregnant women are their husbands or boyfriends. If this is not crazy enough, in the USA a reality-show on this subject has been aired and was called ‘Born in the wild’.

Another surprising new childbirth trend is regarding on who the pregnant woman wants to have by her side when giving birth. If some years ago the trend was to have the father of her baby in the delivery room, nowadays pregnant women are not very convinced that the presence of the father is a good idea.

A survey conducted on almost 1800 women has shown that around 70% of the pregnant women believe that the father’s presence during childbirth is not necessary, but 30% out of the 70% were women who weren’t in good relations with their babies fathers. In the UK, 25% of the surveyed women answered they’d prefer having their best friends by their side while giving birth to their babies, while 20% prefer their mothers to assist them.

On the other hand, these statistics doesn’t reflect the reality. In reality, these are all only what women would like to happen, but 90% of the fathers will be assisting their partners during labor.

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