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TacLight by Bell & Howell Reviews

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Description: TacLight by Bell & Howell is an aircraft-grade aluminum tactical flashlight you can use when you go camping, hunting, exploring nature or practicing your favorite outdoor activities.

If your daily work or favorite spare time activities include lots of time spent out there in the middle of nature or in all sorts of extreme conditions and your gear needs to be updated with new flashlights, TacLight by Bell & Howell might be what you need.

Advertised as a tactical flashlight that resembles the ones elite military units make use of, TacLight by Bell & Howell is a complex product that features a lightweight yet compact design, aircraft grade aluminum casing, strike ring that enables you to get a good grip of it, precision optics as well as five preset modes that promise to make the flashlight work even when it is frozen in ice or in boiling water. The product is said to last up to 100,000 hours and provide you with a 22x brighter light than a regular flashlight.

Now, that’s certainly not a promise one could ignore. To get all that from a lightweight flashlight is something. But will this particular flashlight provide you with all that? What makes it stand out of the so many flashlights out there? Let’s find out more.

What to look for in a tactical flashlight?

In order to understand what makes a tactical flashlight good, we need to mention a few general things about such products. Designed to be used in tactical situations such as emergency situations, hunting, and camping, flashlights of this sort are often used alongside firearms and should allow you to search an area quite rapidly, check for enemies or combatants, and blind them if encountered.

Tactical flashlights should deliver at least 60 lumens of solid beam from a compact and lightweight body. There are tactical flashlights that can deliver even 1,000+ lumens. You can enjoy such results thanks to the high-pressure xenon-filled bulb and the tungsten filament they use. Then, compared to a regular flashlight that is powered by 1.5-volt cell batteries, tactical flashlights get their stunning power from a pair of 3-volt AA lithium batteries.

Such features are the ones a good tactical flashlight should come with. TacLight by Bell & Howell features list does not specify any of these. We don’t get details about the product’s resistance to water and impact, the number of lumens it puts out, weight, dimensions or the sort of bulb it uses. When buying a tactical flashlight, you should also check the specification list to see whether or not it can be attached to a weapon, product certifications, and the material used. Most quality tactical flashlights available online include a list of such specifications since they are the main criteria you should take into account when shopping one.

TacLight by Bell & Howell pricing

You can enjoy TacLight by Bell & Howell if you are willing to pay $19.99. Shipping and handling are free if you order just one flashlight. If you want to get two of them, then you will get charged $10 for S&H.

The good thing about it is that the company offers a 30-day refund policy and lifetime guarantee on all TacLights, less S&H charges. The downside is that if you opt for the BOGO offer, you will lose more money on S&H charges than the refund will actually get you. If you decide to try TacLight by Bell & Howell, you need to contact their customer service and place an order at 877-415-4824.

What do users say about TacLight by Bell & Howell?

One thing to do before buying any product is to try to find out as much as possible about it. Customer reviews are included. Although the opinions will most probably be as different and as many as the users who’ve tried the product, it is an important step to take before spending your money.

Many reviews we’ve found regarding TacLight by Bell & Howell are positive and users would actually recommend the product to a friend. People who’ve bought the product say they’ve used it for various activities from a simple outside walk to camping and hunting activities as well as in extreme conditions such as freezing ones. The flashlight is described as a very bright light that is easy to carry featuring nice shapes and lines. Reviews mention satisfaction regarding the housing and the light which are fairly strong.

Then there are unsatisfied customers, too. According to them, the warranty and customer service are useless. One user says the flashlight stopped working and he had to send it back along with a check for $9.95 receiving no confirmation from the company although the product was received as the UPS tracking number showed.

Some customers ordered the flashlight at the customer service number but still didn’t receive it ten days after they had placed the order. Their problem remained unsolved since there is no email address to contact them. The automated ordering is confusing and it is likely that you receive more flashlights than you ordered. Plus, the customer service number can be accessed only from the USA and not from Canada.

Then, in other cases,  the flashlight simply refused to work. Some reviews even say that the time the flashlight doesn’t work is greater the time it does work.

Final thoughts about TacLight by Bell & Howell

One thing is for sure. The flashlight looks good. We don’t know too much about what is under that nice design, though. Plus, although its manufacturer claims it is similar to the flashlights elite military units, law enforcements, and fire rescue team use, there is no evidence to support that claim. The specifications list is not very generous in details. And then, the reviews are mixed.

Some users are satisfied with the way it works taking into account its low price whereas others wouldn’t recommend it to a friend, wouldn’t buy it again or regret ordering it. Make sure you do your homework online first, check as many reviews as possible, and gather as much information as you can about it before placing an order.

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