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How Does the Wine Work in our Benefit?


When you think about this drink parties, fun, romantic dates etc. come into your mind; never how the wine can influence your health. It looks like it does and it does it in an amazing way! Studies have shown that the wine has a ‘’hard word’’ to say when it comes to influence our immune system, our heart, our brain, …

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How to Add Wine and Chocolate to Your Diet?

How to add wine and chocolate to your diet

When it comes to change your foods plan and to get involved into a diet, most people think that a diet will involve restrictions from all kind of important foods and drinks. They want to lose weight (because let’s face it: what exactly is a diet about other than body reshaping?), massive weight, if it’s possible, but without any sacrifice. …

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Probiotics May Lower Blood Pressure


What are probiotics? Probiotics are food additives or supplements that contain a wild culture of live and active microorganism that after the ingestion process, manage to transit and enter the digestive tract, and acts by balancing the microflora, establishing their residence in the direct intestine. So, the direct intestine gets populated with bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and lactococcal. The microorganisms that have …

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