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Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a combination of physical, spiritual, and mental practices originating in ancient India. Its name comes from “Yuji”, the Sanskrit term for union.  Through breathing exercises and meditation in various poses, yoga reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and brings the mind, body, and spirit together. Yoga benefits In doing so, it offers numerous valuable health benefits. We will review the …

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Change Your Life Trough Yoga Sessions

One of the most difficult things that we have to accomplish is to eliminate stress from our lifes. It seems to be an impossible task but we hear it all the time. No matter if we go to a doctor or inside our families, we are advised that the best thing for us will be to distress ourselves and see …

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Gain Strength Through Yoga

Many people’ goal these days is to have an impressive muscle mass instead of a fluffy body. No matter if we are talking about women or men, they all want to look as better as they can be. To have a toned muscle mass can be nice but why there are still people who do not encourage that when it …

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