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Here’s What to Eat to Lower Inflammation


Lately, nutritionists and specialists in diseases which cause inflammation recommend to their patients’ certain diets based on foods that are playing an important role in reducing the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory diets should not be confused with weight loss diets. Anti-inflammatory diets are not promising spectacular weight loss because this type of diets is meant only to decrease the intensity of …

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Feds do about face on importance of breakfast


Prepare yourself a balanced diet To prepare a balanced diet to ensure that all of the nutrients are present in optimal amounts, nutritionists have created the food pyramid, upon which are cereals. Each food group is represented by one step of the pyramid, which also depicts the amounts in which they must be found in a balanced diet. The energy …

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Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention


Breast cancer has quickly become one of today’s most widespread and serious health issues. While your genetic heritage, age, and gender play an important role in your chances of developing a form of breast cancer, it is also true that lifestyle habits – nutrition, in particular – are a key factor in the prophylaxis of this potentially deadly affliction. But …

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Lemon water can really help


We all heard about lemon water. It is maybe the most common drink when you want to start a diet. You might have heard that most catwalk models use it and you may also want to look as they do. But what this lemon water does more exactly? What its benefits are more exactly? Does this water has down points …

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Celebrating the joy of ginger


Out of all the tropical plants, famous for being beneficial for the body, the ginger stands above all. Better known during the Christmas holidays, ginger is a miracle plant regardless the season, doing wonders in cases of rheumatism and digestive problems. And maybe that’s why so desired during winter holidays when it is cold and people tend to eat more. …

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Feed your immunity


Considering how we live our lives these days, our entire bodies are quite affected. Our mental and physical health can be damaged. All that stress and the lack of sleep, the long hours spent at the office can get us more tired than we can imagine. We may not be able to give the yield everyone’ expect us to give …

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Healthy juices and smoothies recipes


We all know the benefits that fruits and vegetables can bring them to our lives. Many of us are used to consume them separately. This is nothing wrong but you will be surprised what these two things can do together. They can be magical for our organism. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read …

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The Classic Lemonade – One of the Best Summer Drinks


When this topic comes up – healthy summer drinks or summer drinks – the first drink that comes in mind is the classic lemonade! The recipe is over decades old and even today it has its fans! We all know that the lemons offer a lot to our health- inside and outside-and surprisingly this beverage can do lots of miracles …

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The Green Tea – more than a source of antioxidants


What is Green Tea? The Green Tea is a type of tea obtained from unfermented Camellia Sinesis leaves; this amazing beverage was considered a miraculous plant and it was used from the oldest times to treat all kind of affections! It is more than known the fact that the tea in general has lots of benefits on our health and …

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The vitamin C – the strongest ally of your immunity!


In a world where you are always on the run you need strong allies to make it through the dailies you have. You need a proper diet to support your body and to give you energy everyday, you need daily trainings to lose toxins and to relax your body and your mind, you need nutritive supplements to make sure that …

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