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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!


How does Vitamin C influence the immune system Each person on this planet has his or her self-defense immune system. This self-defense immune system is your best weapon against diseases and disorders. And even if you were born with a strong immunity you must invest in it daily! This investment has its foundation in a healthy lifestyle! And a healthy …

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Your immunity – the engine of your health


What is immunity? How to boost your immune system? Today the medicine has developed a lot and only if you are not interested in your own well-being you do not concentrate on the things you must concentrate in order to stay healthy. Our body was born with a system which brings a perfect balance in regards our well-being and in …

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Why Probiotics Aren’t Just For Digestive Health


In general, when you have a tummy ache, you’re kind of sad. And if you don’t get rid of bloating and get some rest for the digestive system disorders, you get already bordering on depression. So far we’ve been told about the link between the consumption of probiotics and the “happiness” our digestive system, but it’s time to find out …

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Top 5 Probiotic Supplements in 2017


Best Probiotic Supplements To begin with, taking pills in order to restore your health can be good but also bad habit, psychologically speaking. It is, after all, a double-edged knife. We believe that pills can make us healthy, can make us be the ones we were before the illness struck in our life (which can be such a huge game-changer), …

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