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BistroMD Reviews

For many people, a busy lifestyle is what stops them from being able to cook their own healthy meals that lead to a balanced diet and optimal weight. Time is money, and the whole process of thinking up recipes, buying the right ingredients and cooking it perfectly is often overwhelming for those with full-time jobs, families or other responsibilities. Resulting …

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Women Call for More Fertility Education


Nowadays, sex education classes are kept in schools to explain some basics regarding sex, such as how the babies are conceived or what should girls expect when the first period occurs. Later on, in high-school, sex education classes are meant to teach the pupils about sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, how to use protection during intercourse to avoid STDs or an …

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Feds do about face on importance of breakfast


Prepare yourself a balanced diet To prepare a balanced diet to ensure that all of the nutrients are present in optimal amounts, nutritionists have created the food pyramid, upon which are cereals. Each food group is represented by one step of the pyramid, which also depicts the amounts in which they must be found in a balanced diet. The energy …

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