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What should you do to have your immunity supported?


How to boost your immunity? Your daily lifestyle and your daily routine define you as a person and they also define your health’s condition. You need to get involved everyday in the good work of your body, if you want to be healthy; and healthy on the long term, not just for now. Your immunity is the system with which …

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Why cocktails and lemonades are more requested during the summer time?


Even their name make you think about the summer, so this is why they are considered summer drinks and this is why they are more requested during the summer time- when our body’s inside needs of drinking grow. Despite the season the cocktails are often consumed at parties or in the clubs. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails are seen as summer …

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Lose more weight with a high protein diet


Lose weight with diets When it comes to our weight loss diet and fitness program, we all have our ideas, conceptions and preconceptions about it. We think that we know what’s best for us and don’t really listen to reason or other people when we believe something. But let me tell you this: believe in the power of a high …

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Nuts And Health Benefits


A balanced diet involves a rich variety of foods, a healthy eating schedule, and moderation as most health experts recommend. Now, there are many foods that, once introduced into our diet, will have a positive impact on our health. Nuts are among them. They are popular, convenient, tasty and go perfectly with all sorts of diets. Even if they are …

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Light Vegan Recipes


More and more people resort to vegan diets in order to improve their lifestyle and support their health. While there is still much debate on which are the healthiest and best diets, it is no news that fruits and vegetables do play a significant role in keeping us healthy and providing our body with various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. If …

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Top 5 Probiotic Supplements in 2017


Best Probiotic Supplements To begin with, taking pills in order to restore your health can be good but also bad habit, psychologically speaking. It is, after all, a double-edged knife. We believe that pills can make us healthy, can make us be the ones we were before the illness struck in our life (which can be such a huge game-changer), …

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Daily Dose of Walnuts Linked to Health Improvements


Leading a healthy lifestyle involves healthy eating, regular exercises, enough water and positive thinking. There are all sorts of recipes, methods, and ways for bettering your life and improving your health. Introducing walnuts in your diet is among them as recent studies reconfirm it. How can they help you boost your health? Read on to find out more. Health benefits …

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3 Simple Ways to Improve your Diet


People have always tried to look like the Greek heroes or Gods, striving to attain their mental and physical profile, admiring their stature and beauty, which comes to confirm the well-known syntagm: ”Mens sana in corpore sano”. In modern translation: lead a healthy life, do physical exercises, train both your body and your mind, so that you can maintain them …

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