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Eat Better, Live Longer? Small Food Changes Make a Difference

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To stay young for as long as possible you need to eat foods rich in nutrients and do physical activity, regularly. Fruit, vegetables and cold pressed olive oil are just a few of those foods that help you live longer. Change the way you eat Include in your daily diet fruits and vegetables colored in red, yellow, orange, green, purple, …

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Daily Immunity Support


When it comes to talk about your well-being everybody thinks that they have the right to give you advice without thinking that those advice should sound for themselves too. In a world of chronic stress, where the run after money, fame or any other thing that does not count the way your health’s condition counts, most people should take a break a …

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Easy Tips for Immunity Support


The immunity represents the organism’s capacity to defend itself of viruses, of bacteria, of toxins and of pathogen agents. Each person on this planet is born with such system; your immunity is made of cells and molecules which have the main activity to protect ourselves and our body of aggressive agents which can cause awful diseases or awful unbalances all …

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Antioxidant Supplements Don’t Fight Cancer, Research Suggests


We hear everywhere that antioxidants are very good for our health and beauty, but how many of you know exactly what these substances are, where they can be found and what exactly they can do or do not for our health? It was even believed that antioxidants can fight against cancer, but hey, recent researches have brought the truth to …

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Healthy Cooking with Your Kids


When it comes to taking a better care of our kids, the foods we choose for and how we prepare them is crucial. As a parent, not once happened to face your children’s refusal when you serve them vegetable dishes. We know that green is not their favorite color if they found it in foods they should eat. Therefore, it …

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Probiotics May Lower Blood Pressure


What are probiotics? Probiotics are food additives or supplements that contain a wild culture of live and active microorganism that after the ingestion process, manage to transit and enter the digestive tract, and acts by balancing the microflora, establishing their residence in the direct intestine. So, the direct intestine gets populated with bifidobacteria, lactobacilli and lactococcal. The microorganisms that have …

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