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Eat Better, Live Longer? Small Food Changes Make a Difference

better live longer

To stay young for as long as possible you need to eat foods rich in nutrients and do physical activity, regularly. Fruit, vegetables and cold pressed olive oil are just a few of those foods that help you live longer. Change the way you eat Include in your daily diet fruits and vegetables colored in red, yellow, orange, green, purple, …

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The real causes of cellulite – 5 ways to completely eliminate cellulite

Nothing is more daunting when you dress in your favorite dress than look in the mirror and observe that you have cellulite. Cellulite appears even if you are slim or even if you are a sportive woman. It's generally considered a cosmetic problem, though, for many women who suffer from this condition, is an incredibly frustrating situation. Let's find out …

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The best reasons to exercise daily and eat healthy

How does your day start? This is a question, which we all should ask ourselves. Not only how it starts is an issue but also how it goes on. You weak up, you drink your coffee at home or maybe on the road towards your office, you spend there most of the time sitting on a chair and after that …

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How Does the Wine Work in our Benefit?


When you think about this drink parties, fun, romantic dates etc. come into your mind; never how the wine can influence your health. It looks like it does and it does it in an amazing way! Studies have shown that the wine has a ‘’hard word’’ to say when it comes to influence our immune system, our heart, our brain, …

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Healthy Cooking with Your Kids


When it comes to taking a better care of our kids, the foods we choose for and how we prepare them is crucial. As a parent, not once happened to face your children’s refusal when you serve them vegetable dishes. We know that green is not their favorite color if they found it in foods they should eat. Therefore, it …

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Get stable with daily immunity support tips!


Maybe many people do not understand, but tranquility or stability is extremely important for the good work of your health and of your immunity support too. Now, you do not have to mistake it with routine. Getting stable is an important foundation that your lifestyle must have. A stable relationship, a stable job, stable friends and a stable relationship with …

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How to lose weight with a glass of wine per day?


Most people decide to lose weight from the desire of being more beautiful and of good looking! Diets are many and they can be easily improved with ingredients which can complement our meals and which can provide us the expected results. The wine has always complemented our dinners, our nights out, our fun with friends and most of all our …

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How do we take care of our health?


How do we take care of our health? Do you consider yourself a healthy person? Are you leading a healthy lifestyle? Or is it “a healthy way of living” the upper goal that you’ve established a long time ago and still couldn’t reach it? Yes, a lot of us can relate to that situation and it brings some comfort to …

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Prepare delicious vegetables


Eat vegetables for a healthy life When you are planning a family meal, you must consider that it should also be healthy. When you say healthy, you know that vegetables are a must on the table. This can be a problem. Your family members and especially children may not enjoy so much those veggies you plan to feed them with. …

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Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention


Breast cancer has quickly become one of today’s most widespread and serious health issues. While your genetic heritage, age, and gender play an important role in your chances of developing a form of breast cancer, it is also true that lifestyle habits – nutrition, in particular – are a key factor in the prophylaxis of this potentially deadly affliction. But …

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