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Eat Better, Live Longer? Small Food Changes Make a Difference

better live longer

To stay young for as long as possible you need to eat foods rich in nutrients and do physical activity, regularly. Fruit, vegetables and cold pressed olive oil are just a few of those foods that help you live longer. Change the way you eat Include in your daily diet fruits and vegetables colored in red, yellow, orange, green, purple, …

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Why portion control is so important


Do you know how to eat? Are you overeating and suddenly preoccupied about how much food should any normal person eat throughout the day? Do you find your eating habits to be a little bit or more out of the control? Well, this is the perfect time for you to take control over your portions and start to care more …

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Your immunity – the engine of your health


What is immunity? How to boost your immune system? Today the medicine has developed a lot and only if you are not interested in your own well-being you do not concentrate on the things you must concentrate in order to stay healthy. Our body was born with a system which brings a perfect balance in regards our well-being and in …

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