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Healthy Meal Planning


Most people focus on ingredients when it comes to eating healthy. They focus on the nutritional value, the composition of vitamins and ideal combinations of ingredients, and these aspects are always a concern for all. All these people are losing the sight of one very important aspect that these applies most often to fresh food. A healthy meal planning is …

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How to Feed Kids?


A proper and balanced diet is offering an adequate amount of nutrients, in appropriate proportions, and should be perfectly adapted to the age and the stage of development of the child. A healthy diet is a key to ensuring a harmonious somatic growth and development, but also mental and emotional developments. A proper diet plays a crucial role in improving …

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What To Eat During Pregnancy


From the first days after you found out you are pregnant, you start concerning about anything you do because you want your baby in your womb to grow healthy and to have a trouble-free pregnancy. One of the most important factors contributing to the development of a healthy baby is undoubted, the future mother diet, that’s why this article comes …

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Vitamin C and its influence on your immunity!


How does Vitamin C influence the immune system Each person on this planet has his or her self-defense immune system. This self-defense immune system is your best weapon against diseases and disorders. And even if you were born with a strong immunity you must invest in it daily! This investment has its foundation in a healthy lifestyle! And a healthy …

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What should you do to have your immunity supported?


How to boost your immunity? Your daily lifestyle and your daily routine define you as a person and they also define your health’s condition. You need to get involved everyday in the good work of your body, if you want to be healthy; and healthy on the long term, not just for now. Your immunity is the system with which …

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When it comes to go on a holiday, things get really simple


First of all, everybody is available for holiday trips. You are having fun, you get disconnected from all the stress you get every day in your life, you can relax a little bit, you can meet new people and make new friends, you are visiting new places, you are having new experiences and in the end you get home with …

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Why cocktails and lemonades are more requested during the summer time?


Even their name make you think about the summer, so this is why they are considered summer drinks and this is why they are more requested during the summer time- when our body’s inside needs of drinking grow. Despite the season the cocktails are often consumed at parties or in the clubs. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails are seen as summer …

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3 foods that should be in your child’s lunchbox


Your child’s lunchbox, for school or kindergarten, must always please your child and it must be healthy, fresh, nutritious, resistant to high temperatures and always different. However, some parents are often on hurry in the morning, or lacking ideas, and prefer to give money to their kids to buy themselves whatever they want. Before showing you our recommended 3 foods …

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Light Vegan Recipes


More and more people resort to vegan diets in order to improve their lifestyle and support their health. While there is still much debate on which are the healthiest and best diets, it is no news that fruits and vegetables do play a significant role in keeping us healthy and providing our body with various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. If …

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Diet and Weight Loss: The Best Ways to Eat


The reasons one puts on weight are various. Sometimes, there might be something wrong with your thyroid gland or your metabolism, other times the extra pounds are a result of a sedentary life and unhealthy diet. If your case is related to chaotic eating habits and you want to reach a healthy and normal weight the safe way, the thing …

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