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Ways to quit sugar before 10 A.M.


Too much sugar isn’t quite healthy How much and how often do you eat sweets and sugars? Too much? Too often? Well, you’re probably aware of the fact that eating too much sugar additives or foods isn’t quite healthy, due to a series of illnesses that can strike us later on, such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. We all …

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The wine and the weight loss!


This is an article especially made for those people which are interested in losing weight in a healthy way. There are 2 steps only: The Mediterranean diet as your best diet / A glass of wine per day. Nowadays the weight loss topic is one of the most discussed topics ever! And this happens because of many reasons. The society …

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Vitamin-mania based on healthy summer drinks


Healthy summer drinks ideas Everybody awaits the summertime, simply because this season is funnier than other seasons and has lots to offer; in the end, all you will remember is what you did last summer! Each season has its own beauty but none of them compares to the summer! When you say summer you think about sun, fun, beach, seaside, …

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