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Eat Better, Live Longer? Small Food Changes Make a Difference

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To stay young for as long as possible you need to eat foods rich in nutrients and do physical activity, regularly. Fruit, vegetables and cold pressed olive oil are just a few of those foods that help you live longer. Change the way you eat Include in your daily diet fruits and vegetables colored in red, yellow, orange, green, purple, …

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Here’s What to Eat to Lower Inflammation


Lately, nutritionists and specialists in diseases which cause inflammation recommend to their patients’ certain diets based on foods that are playing an important role in reducing the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory diets should not be confused with weight loss diets. Anti-inflammatory diets are not promising spectacular weight loss because this type of diets is meant only to decrease the intensity of …

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Cheap Alternatives to Lose Weight


Everyone wants to lose weight somehow. In this world you have seen perfection among all the TV stars and movie stars and you want to be just like them. You also read everywhere about how important it is for your health to maintain a proper silhouette. No matter what your reasons may be, the subject of this article may interest …

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Cut vegetables properly


When you want to add a plus to your daily diet, you must introduce healthy aliments in it. What can be healthier than vegetables and fruits? Nature gives us the chance to improve our nutrition by giving us its best creations. When it comes about vegetables things are a little bit more complicated because they are not so appealing for …

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Fruits and Vegetables Nutrition


Nowadays, we are all well aware of the fact that eating and drinking choices are factors which heavily influence the health levels of any given lifestyle. Hence, taking into account the rise in factors such as stress, hectic workplace hours, and culinary temptations, it becomes all the more important to focus on fruits and vegetables nutrition. It goes without saying …

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Cut the sugar, lose the weight!


Sugar is often found in various foods, but it is unfriendly for your silhouette! Sugar is one of the ingredients that should be completely avoided in any weight loss diet. Besides, by eating too much sugar you’ll only make your body suffer, as the sugar is one of the main causes of obesity, heart diseases, and diabetes. Sugar is an …

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Eat according with the season


One of the most important topics lately seems to be how to eat in a healthy manner and what more exactly our organism needs. How do we know what it needs so we can live a healthy life? In the following rows of this article, you will be able to discover a few details related to this specific topic. You …

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Feed your immunity


Considering how we live our lives these days, our entire bodies are quite affected. Our mental and physical health can be damaged. All that stress and the lack of sleep, the long hours spent at the office can get us more tired than we can imagine. We may not be able to give the yield everyone’ expect us to give …

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Healthy juices and smoothies recipes


We all know the benefits that fruits and vegetables can bring them to our lives. Many of us are used to consume them separately. This is nothing wrong but you will be surprised what these two things can do together. They can be magical for our organism. In the following rows of this article, you will be able to read …

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What organic products you should always buy


Organic products or conventional ones? Here is the dilemma that faces every grocery shopper or buyer almost every day. The battle between the organic vs. conventional products has deep roots and there will always be someone that thinks the organic is healthier than the conventional and the other way around. The fact is, we all have to take the best …

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