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How Size Really Matters


Genitals are as individualized as every other part of our body. Look how varied are the forms of noses and you will realize that same thing is valid for vaginas and penises, too. But how size really matters is the subjects debated for hundreds of years and size of the genital does not affect men only, but women, too. Being …

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Pregnant Women May Lack Info on Household Toxins


All the future mothers dream about the moment they’ll hold their babies in their arms. Every pregnant woman wants to have a healthy baby, therefore every pregnant woman adopts a new lifestyle with a healthier diet, mild physical activity, periodical visits to the gynecologist for the regular pregnancy controls, and so forth, but the babies in the wombs are put …

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Say good-bye to diapers


When you are a mom, you must face many new challenges you that never had to face in the past. Every day comes with something new for you and this can be fun or not so fun. Once you became a mom your life changes completely. One of these challenges will be to train your baby to use a potty …

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How your baby develops each month


When you prepare yourself to become a mother, you may have moments during your pregnancy when you can panic, because you have no idea what to do with your baby. You don’t know if you will be a good mom for your own baby. You cannot stop reading all the articles about how your baby will behave after he will …

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Having a Baby: Birth Plans & Stages of Labor


Having a baby is maybe the most beautiful part of every woman’s life and every woman in this world should wish for delivering a beautiful healthy baby. Knowing exactly how your childbirth day will be, may be very helpful for you and your baby. Birth plans are one method to get yourself prepared and to schedule, alongside with the gynecologist, …

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Pregnancy and fetal development


There can be no happier moment than when you find out that you become a parent. Even if you feel like you are the happiest human being on Earth, you can suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with worries. How not to be worried when you think all changes that will occur in your life and the huge responsibility of parenthood? Any …

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The First 24 Hours with Your Baby


Have you just given birth or are you about to bring a tiny wonder into the world, but you don’t know what to expect on the first 24 hours? First of all, congratulations! No matter how tired and scared you may feel right now, with all the changes affecting your body and your life, you are strong, beautiful, and amazing, …

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Pregnant at Age 40, 50 and Even 60? Here Are the Risks


Risk of Pregnancy by Ages Sure thing, being a mother is the best feeling in the world (or so claim the ones that do have a baby) and almost every woman on the planet wishes to be a mother sooner or later. Some want to become a mother sooner rather than later, but for others, being a mother is not …

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9 Ways Pregnancy Can Permanently Change Your Body


Are you pregnant, or have you recently given birth? Then your body is probably going through changes you never thought were possible. Some women accept and embrace these changes, but others panic and begin to worry about their health, or fear they would never regain their physical shape. Some changes are only temporary, but others may influence the rest of …

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5 Important Things Women Forget to Do after Having a Baby


Have you just given birth to a beautiful baby? Congratulations! You’re probably thrilled to be able to hold your little miracle, and relieved that you no longer have to carry that huge belly with you everywhere, and put up with all those changes. At least that’s what you tell everyone. Between us, moms, you’re just as scared thinking of what’s …

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